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Gimp improves Jessica Alba

Passionate Jessica Alba listened to her sweating friends as she suddenly got a wonderful idea how she could help them to become younger fast. She encouraged her friends to keep looking through the magazines for short haircuts for women's hair and excused herself for a secret toilet break ...
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Gimp helps Megan Fox find new Haircut

She made a brilliant plan to reinvent herself with one of the medium layered hairstyles of short hair cuts for women who secretly enjoy Brazilian waxing salons for their curly eyebrows and cute bikini zones ...
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Gimp gives Rihanna a new Short Black Hair Style

Thinking deep Rihanna Fenty relaxed her heavy head as she leaned back into her soft leather chair of brown color. Personal thoughts about life and relationships flooded her tired brain. Regretful questions began to travel between Rihanna Robyn Fenty's synapses of memory without providing meaningful answers to her funky mind.
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Gimp Gives Megan Fox a Blonde Hairstyle

For a moment Megan almost imagined herself being someone else. Someone who she saw in the popular media. Someone who was strong and gifted enough to smile to millions of fans from the cute pictures of short haircuts for women with blond streaks. There was still time enough to become crazy later in life, so she postponed it with an ironic smile and started to meditate deeper...
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Beautiful Hair Makeover

Well educated Keira remembered that makeover experiments could change her social image in an undesired direction, so she desired to ask someone who knows everything about beauty treatments, hair care products and permanent laser hair removals in NYC.
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Short Hair - White Teeth

Enjoying her drink Maria Ozawa received a call from her men seeking single girlfriend Jessica who owns one of the beautiful, elegant, very short celebrity hairstyles which shine as sassy as the teeth shine after a treatment with a professional teeth whitening gel for cosmetic dental care.
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baby gift flowers

Fragrant fresh flower delivery softly surprised a young beautiful mother Angelina Pitt and her loving husband Brad Jolie, who became very curious how the adoptive parents could send flowers to Europe so that a white rose bouquet of fresh new baby flowers could survive a long way from Asia to Europe.
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resize x-mess photos for family email

This tutorial is a help for resizing pictures with Gimp. Professional photographer and their sexy woman models use this guide to resize photos of digital family portraits, best friends or even very large format satellite images of earth.
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