Black and white photography art with Gimp

This tutorial is a guide to help photographing woman to make beautiful black and white photography art with Gimp. Beautiful woman edit photos with Gimp in order to create most powerful magic of black and white pictures, family portraits and creative digital images for their private photo art gallery.

Author Ramar Wolfenstein for with Photo Software Gimp.

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Black magic on snow white photo paper

black and white photo portrait The Black Bible of reveals us that love is color blind. A true love between black man, white woman or white woman, black man is like the magic love of black and white color in digital photography art.

As knows there is no real magic in those beautiful pictures of black market porn movies, where a sexy man with snow white teeth in black clothing is dating a hot blonde girl with short hair style, in order to make photos and free skin portraits of her.

Black and white photography art

The black and white photography art was always a special magic for hobby photographers, sensitive woman and nude photography consumers.

Professional nature photographer use special forces of nature photography in black and white to create amazing black magic scenes in pictures of flowers, landscapes and snow white mountain glaciers.

Free Software for photographer

Smart photographing woman convert colors of digital photos into grayscale black and white in order to print them on snow white pages of photo paper, to save photo printer ink colors or to create art from colorful digital pictures.

There is no need to win money at online black jack casinos to be able to buy a professional photo editing software for black and white prints.

The Gimp is a free software for photo prints. Man and woman edit pictures and photos with help of Gimp in order to make black and white prints of art from digital photos, old movie posters, digital pencil drawings, pictures of clipart cartoons, desktop wallpapers and face landscape paintings.

Help for converting photo colors to black and white with Gimp

sexy woman photo portrait
black and white photo
As the best Digital Photo Software for graphic Image Editing, Gimp offers to an attractive photographing woman several and easy ways to make money fast by converting image colors into black and white grayscale colors.

convert images automatically

Fastest woman use the Layers » Colors » Desaturate -tool of the Gimp to convert colors of digital images into black and white grayscale colors automatically.

This automatic method may not satisfy professional photographing woman and make colors, contrast plus brightness of the image become too dark, weak or corrupted.

Mix colors with channel mixer

Smart woman use the Filters » Colors » Channel Mixer -tool of the Gimp to convert colors of photos into black and white grayscale colors manually.

This free manual method can be used to achieve spiritual color ballance between color channels and also to desaturate colors in photos of dogs, cats or horses.

Activate the settings Monochrome and Preserve Luminosity in the color channels dialog to convert colors into black and white. Find the best value for the main color in the picture and adjust the other color channels in order to achieve best possible color ballance within the image.

I used the following channel values to convert colors of my image into black and white grayscales: Red: 50 ; Green: 40 ; Blue: 10.

sexy woman photo portrait black and white photo
A photo before and after black and white magic of Gimp.

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