Digital picture frames for photos with Gimp

This tutorial is a help for creating digital picture frames with Gimp. Professional framing experts and their sexy girls use this guide for framing of online digital photo gallery albums with sweet kitten photographs, happy people faces or cute puppy dog pictures.

Author Ramar Wolfenstein for with digital photo software Gimp.

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Picture Framing aRt

digital picture frames for girls Golden wood poster frames in antique style for decoration of the great wall of China are often more expensive than the framed paintings or acrylic posters within. Tip: University diploma frames for a degree certificate or license plates are a good investment in protection of the document.

Not surprising that fresh, creative, funny picture framing art became popular among photographing, wood crafting college girls from China with black and white photos of their family on furniture. This skillful young women use materials like sterling silver plated aluminum metal, plastic plexiglass, designer leather, western timber or antique wood for creating oblong, oval or round picture frames.

Helpful digital photo software

Nowadays modern, mature, beautiful women use the free digital photo software Gimp to create personalized digital picture frames for photos of their beloved babies, beautiful girls and young boys.

resize picture size on borders

hot girls like sexy pictures Creative hot women will need more space on the borders for creative art frames. Use the Image » Canvas Size dialog of the photo software Gimp to change, enlarge, and resize picture size dimensions without to change the actual image. The Center button will help you to place the original image in the center.

Create a new transparent layer in the layers dialog to use this layer for the very unique specialized custom digital photo frame. Place the new layer under the original image.

Fill the new layer with a custom color, free clip art, wallpaper border patterns, a solid gradient or free background textures. Wise old women can also use paintings and photos of timber frames with exotic wood textures for decoration of their digital photo portraits.

shape outline borders

Even the most beautiful girl pictures in good shape need a line or a double line for shaping of the outline on the image borders.

Apply the Strg + A keys to select everything. Use the Edit » Stroke Selection dialog of the Gimp to create digital photo frame borders on the edge of the selection.

digital picture frames for girls
Hot girl eyes in a photo portrait after framing with Gimp.

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