Tutorial for how to change eye color of Baby with Gimp.

You do not need to order a free soft colored contact lens by mail or to buy a cheap plastic surgery online for changing eye color with Gimp in a picture, image or photo portrait.

Author Yoshi Toshibo for Gimps.de with Eye Color Software Gimp. Translation Moris Garon.

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What determines eye color are the genetics of human Eye Color Inheritance

A baby, infant, newborn or child receives the eye color from his genetic mother and father. The genes are responsible for determining eye color of a baby. The most common eye color of a baby is blue. One year after birth, a common baby change his eye color to hazel, green, gray, brown. Other human babies keep their natural baby blue topaz eye color for life. You can predict and determine the eye color of a grown child by feeding an eye color calculator that determines eye color by using eye colors of mother, father and the eye colors of their parents.

Two different color eyes are very seldom.

The most common eye color is hazel and brown. The least common eye color is green. A natural blond blonde from Sweden often inherits a topaz blue eye color of her parents. Beautiful woman with beautiful eye color are choosing makeup colors and eye shadow that are in soft contrast with their hair and eye color.

Gimp is a free digital photo editing software,

a program and a tool for changing eye color in an image, photo or picture. You can also use Gimp to improve, correct, retouch, amplify, enhance or boost the natural eye color without to order colored contact lens online. If someone asks you about your eye color in a gimpsed photo, just say you was wearing colored contact lenses.

A guide and manual that helps you to change eye color with Gimp.

#1 - select the iris before changing eye color

Select the iris of each eye with gimp's selection tool lasso Make the selection soft by using the Select > Feather dialog to avoid sharp edges, corners and stripes on the edge of your selection. I used a value of 7 px to make the selection in my image soft.

#2 - change eye color

Use the Filter > Colors > Filter Pack -dialog to change eye color with Gimp. This filter allows you to change eye color by changing the hue, saturation and value of all colors in a selection.

Click on the hue that you would like to enhance. Adjust the saturation and value after you change the color to your desired hue. I used a roughness of 0,15 = 15% to change eye color in my image gradually.

A gimpsed photo before and after an eye color change.

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