Gimp Tutorials for photo editing, retouching

Tutorials in this section of may help photographing woman to use the Photo Software Gimp in order to improve, retouch, fix or correct pictures, portraits and images of people, cats, dogs or horses.

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Remove, retouch red eyes with Gimp.

Pictures and images with red eyes of people or shining eyes of animals often look scary, demoniacal and unattractive. This tutorial reveals how to retouch, remove or correct red eyes with Gimp in a picture, image or photo.
Retouch red eyes with Gimp »

Improve, retouch and correct eyes with Gimp.

The eyes are the most important part of the face. Dark eyes often look unattractive, cold, tired and empty. You can improve each photo, picture, portrait and image of a face with dark eyes, if you enhance brightness, lightness and brilliance of the dark eyes with Gimp.
Improve eyes with Gimp »

Change the natural eye color

This tutorial explains how to change the natural eye color with Gimp in an image, photo or picture without to order a free soft colored contact lens by mail or to buy a cheap plastic surgery online.
Change eye color with Gimp »

Smooth skin care with Gimp

This tutorial explains how to remove, correct, retouch or fix any blemish, wart, acne scar, allergy and itchy red rash in an image, picture or photo portrait with Gimp.
Skin care with Gimp »

Teeth whitening with Gimp

Pictures and photos of faces with bright white teeth smile are looking more attractive to most people. This tutorial as a guide for teeth whitening, bleaching and cleaning of teeth with Gimp in pictures or photo portrait images.
Make teeth white with Gimp »

Photo retouching and editing

Retouching of images is a fundamental task for any photo editing graphic designer. The phrase "digital photo retouching" commonly means correction and improvement of an image through digital image processing.
Photo retouching with Gimp »

Lighten and brighten dark photos

A beautiful photo with too much darkness makes any professional photographer upset. You can lighten dark images manually with a photo editing software Gimp in order to correct brightness of color in underexposed photo pictures.
Brighten up dark image »

Correct, improve photo colors

Weak lighting or artificial light can lead to a color cast, bad color ballance, yellowing or discoloration in a photo. This tutorial is a help for improving colors in images with Gimp.
Improve photo colors »

Fix hot pixel noise

Even the best digital camera can not prevent pixel errors. The hot pixel noise in a digital photo can be caused by the dark lighting, dead pixels of the matrix or hot temperatures during the photo taking.
Fix hot pixel noise »

Make black and white photos

This tutorial is a guide to help photographing woman to make beautiful black and white photography art with Gimp. Beautiful woman edit photos with Gimp in order to create most powerful magic of black and white pictures, family portraits and creative digital images for their private photo art gallery.
Make black and white photo art »

Convert photos into Gold

Ancient Alchemists and Gold Diggers used to develop rush addiction to precious metals like white Gold, fine Silver or pure Platinum. This tutorial is a help for converting photos into gold with Gimp.
Make Gold shaded art »

Scale, change, resize size

This tutorial is a help for resizing pictures with Gimp. Professional photographer and their sexy woman models use this guide to resize photos of digital family portraits, best friends or even very large format satellite images of earth.
Resize pictures, photos, images with Gimp »

make digital picture frames

This tutorial is a help for creating digital picture frames with Gimp. Professional framing experts and their sexy girls use this guide for framing of online digital photo gallery albums with sweet kitten photographs, happy people faces or cute puppy dog pictures.
Make digital picture frames for photos with Gimp »

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