Digital photos resize pictures with Gimp

pictures resize photo size This tutorial is a help for resizing pictures with Gimp. Professional photographers and their female woman models use this guide to resize photos of digital family portraits, best friends or even very large format satellite images of earth. This HOWTO can also be used to create cute avatar pictures for profiles on facebook.

Author Moris Garon for with digital photo software Gimp. Language translation service by Ramar Wolfenstein.

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image editing helps reduce file size

baby blue eyes picture The digital image editing of size is a common task for advertising photographer, icon graphic designer and web master woman.

Talented woman often need to reduce photo size to optimize it for surprising email marketing or the very own private web site gallery online. tip: You can compress picture file size of a jpg / jpeg photo through image resizing, blurring of details, converting colors to black and white or shrinking, scaling and cropping for reducing the dimensions of the image.

Software for digital camera photos

Wise mature woman improve, adjust and edit images with Gimp. Gimp is a totally free image editor software for digital camera photos. Professional photographer use Gimp as their favorite digital photo enhancement program that gives full manual control over colors, contrast and brightness. The Software Gimp is free to download.

Guide for resizing images

Photo editing for web or email often means to make pictures smaller, larger, bigger, crop photos or resizing images with a digital photo enlarging program Gimp. is using the digital photo software Gimp to resize picture dimensions of plus size models for fresh advertising.

change picture size

pictures of sexy woman photos Use the Image » Scale image -Dialog of the digital photo resizer Gimp to change picture size, for photo resizing, shrinking or digital enlargement. tip: Changing image size by scaling will blur details and contours almost automatically. Use the Filters » Enhance » Unsharp Mask filter of the Gimp to improve sharpness of colors after scaling.

Scale image parts

As a professional picture resizer program, Gimp helps each woman, man and child to scale objects, areas or parts of the image manually in an easy way.

Use one of the Gimp's selection tools to select an area that you would like to scale. You could also crop the image with Gimp's tool for cropping, if you only need to enlarge a part of the image without the rest. Use the scale tool of the Gimp to scale, enlarge or make smaller the dimensions of objects in layers and selected areas. real life example

Smart woman sometimes need to resize images of standard photo size to an icon or to the most common international standard passport photo size of 3,5 x 4,5 cm without borders and photographic frames, to use it in passports, email or for the small family gallery in a wallet.

Such tremendous change in dimensions will lead to a massive loss of details. To save as much details as possible you should shrink dimensions in two or three steps with a little sharpening at each step.

Tips for scaling

Scaling images can lead to loss of contrast, bad color cast or low sharpness. Use other tutorials for the free photo resizing software Gimp to improve photographs, icons or graphics after scaling.

Change from indexed mode to RGB color mode, when you need to scale web graphics, GIF icons or cool PNG cliparts with reduced, indexed colors to prevent mad pixel errors and massive loss in quality.

An automatic batch image resizer can safe time, but will never provide full control over quality like manual image resizing.

Large massive shrinking or compression of dimensions should be done in two or three steps to save as much detail as possible.

beautiful woman eyes photo
Beautiful woman eyes in a photo portrait after resizing with Gimp.

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