Tutorial for how to do skin care with Gimp

Gimp is a free skin care product for any blemish, wart, acne scar, allergy and itchy red rash that you would like to remove, correct, retouch or fix in an image, picture or photo portrait to look more beautiful.

Author Yoshi Toshibo for Gimps.de with Photo Skin Software Gimp.

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Skin Care for Women and Men

The skin is the largest organ of human body. Dry skin is more sensitive than oily skin, therefore dry skin needs more treatment with the best natural skin care product, also known as extra virgin olive oil for skin. The beautiful Cleopatra used organic olive oil for daily skin care. You can use a skin care cream for anti aging to prevent infection with red itchy skin disease problem, Eczema and Dermatitis. Every human should thank to the human skin medicine, that has developed an acne product for acne treatment and acne medication of adult acne, available on any drug store. Gimp can help you to remove wrinkle, acne scars, red rash, blemish, pimple and other annoying skin problem on face in a photo portrait.

Best Skin treatment for your face skin type.

Natural organic food, skin cream, oil, air, sun and salty sea water are the best treatment for any skin type. Dry skin needs more skin cream for health care. Oily skin needs more air to become dry. Skin infection of Acne, Eczema or Dermatitis needs medical skin cream treatment or even an antibiotic drug. Keep your skin dry to avoid a problem of skin disease. Cream and air your skin frequently to prevent red itchy skin disease.

Gimp is a free digital photo editing software,

a program and a tool for face skin care in an image, photo or picture. You can also use Gimp to improve, correct, remove, retouch and fix any blemish, allergy, rash, acne, wart, stain or skin cancer in any photo portrait of facial skin.

Guide, manual and help for how to retouch skin with Gimp

#1 - removal of stain, wrinkle, scar and wart from skin

Gimp's Clone tool can be used to fix, retouch and remove wrinkles, warts, rash, acne scars, stains or blemish on skin in any picture, image or photo portrait.

A photo before and after my skin treatment with Gimp.

Choose a soft fuzzy brush. Hold the Ctrl button pressed, click with Gimp's clone tool on a clean spot near the blemish that you would like to retouch for using this blemish free spot as a source for the clone tool.

After you have chosen the source for the clone tool, you can paint with the source over the blemish that you would like to remove, retouch or fix.

Tips and hints for retouching with Gimp's clone tool

* Use only soft fuzzy brushes to avoid sharp edges, corners and stripes.
* Use as many different sources for the clone tool as possible to avoid obvious repetition in the image.
* Gimp's clone tool is very useful for photo montage and photo retouching. Use the clone tool to replace, cover and copy small areas in an image, picture or photo portrait with Gimp.

Skin wrinkle treatment with Gimp's skin care cream

Gimp is the best free software to retouch a dark eye bag under the eye, a wrinkle, a freckle, a stain and other blemish in an image, picture or photo portrait. Use the free digital photo editing software Gimp to remove, retouch and correct wrinkles in a photo. After you have gained more experience you can retouch face, photos and images much better.

#1 select and copy the skin

Select the skin with Gimp's selection tool lasso. Do not select lips, eyes, hair, nipples and other areas that do not represent flat skin. Make the selection soft by using the Select > Feather dialog to avoid sharp stripes on the edge of your selection. I used a value of 9 px to make the selection in my image soft.

Copy and paste the selection of skin by pressing the Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V keys successively. Verify the new skin layer by clicking on the layer button NEW in Gimp's layers dialog.

#2 make skin smooth, soft, flat and slick with Gimp

Blur the retouching skin layer with Filters > Blur > Selective Blur. I used a values of 3 px for Blur Radius and 100 for Max. Delta to blur the skin layer in my image smooth.

Set the layer mode of the retouching skin layer in the layers dialog to Lighten Only to retouch the underlying layer of the image. Duplicate the original layer, move the copy to the top of all layers. Set the layer mode of the moved layer to Saturation to keep the natural Saturation and color of the picture.

Tips and hints for smooth skin with Gimp

* You can repeat the skin treatment with Gimp to get more smoother skin.
* After smoothing the skin you may want to sharpen the image and increase contrast to get the blurred details back.
* Do not use to much Gimp's skin cream to avoid loss of detail in the picture.

A photo before and after my treatment with skin care product Gimp.

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