I use Gimp !

What is Gimp

Gimp is free of charge. Gimp was made with love. Gimp is a magical tool, a software and a program. You can improve, retouch, edit or manipulate your photos and images with Gimp.

Gimp makes art from photographs.

Who is using Gimp

+ Professional photographer are using Gimp to sharpen their photographies, to retouch them, to correct colors, contrast and exposure in the most optimal way.

+ Professional graphic designer are using Gimp to produce their images, pictures and graphics in short time with highest quality.

+ Creative people are using Gimp as a tool for drawing of their ideas, visions and fantasies.

+ Many woman are using Gimp to make their husbands more beautiful.

Gimp improves your photos.

Gimp for free download

You can download Gimp for free without to pay anything. Gimp has a lot of useful features to make your work on images easy, comfortable and fast without setting limits on your creativity.

* Gimp for Windows

* Gimp for Linux as .rpm

* Gimp for Mac OS X

* Gimp for Unix, BSD, Gentoo, Solaris etc.

Gimp is searching for friends

There are too many people who do not know Gimp or do not use it. This world is in need of more creative people, which can use Gimp to make our world much better and more beautiful. Use Gimp to create and multiply beauty.

Help others to find Gimp and to use it. Tell your friends about Gimp. Say to the whole world that you are a creative human and user of Gimp.

The following pictures were all created with Gimp to help Gimp find more friends and users. Spread these pictures around the Internet, on your website, on your blog, in a public forum, in each e-mail you send, on eBay.com or on any other website you know.

horizontal banner

Choose one image or use them all.

small buttons

Place these small buttons on your website.

vertical banner

Help others to find Gimp.

small rectangles

Be as much creative as possible, use Gimp. Create your own images to make Gimp more known and more popular.

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