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Short love Story by Ramar Wolfenstein for

Imagine that:
Jessica is a young, beautiful, smart and single woman seeking a man. The smart female beauty has earned a masters degree in an online education college. Now she is working in an online bank for stock trading. Last year Jessica won an famous annual miss beautiful lingerie model contest of a fashion modeling agency.

Life of Jessica would be a complete fabulous joy, if only she had a life partner like a long time husband or a soul mate relationship like that of mama and papa.

dating services
Years after of being alone, single and frustrated Jessica found courage to invest some time for a registration at a couple of free online dating services.

At first Jessica tryed a free dating agency with an automatic system algorithm for matching personals with similar income tax amount. After three dates with male man and woman, Jessica thought that money could not be a determinant factor of Jessicas future love life. She decided to use more professional online dating web sites.

Web sites where a patient Jessica found herself in a position of a first time customer for one of various single dating sites for Christian dating personals that were worth a registration and claimed to be a Jewish dating service for all religions. This online match dating agency provided useful Internet dating match results for Jessica.

The fifth mixed mingle date with Christian singles was like a sweet brown chocolate milk shake mix for children. Her male match date partner was very promising to be a good mate. Jessica felt comfortable, excited and confident.

The male part of the date had other feelings abut Jessica and never contacted her again. Jessica felt miserable for two weeks after her last non successful date without a second episode.

speed date flirting
Two weeks after crying the soul out, Jessica was reading free adult dating tips at One of the tips proposed not to feel miserable and not to give up after a non sucsessful date. There are other singles in the same situation.

The motivating tips helped Jessica to find new courage. She became a motivated female single online bank employee and decided to use professional services of a speed dating agency. The professional agency that knew exactly how to match personals at multi single events and adventures for singles.

At the second singles event with speed flirting, Jessica met Chris, who was a polite man with sweet sugar chocolate smile of Chris Brown. On the third date Chris invited Jessica to a romantic lunch trip across town. She said ok, it's just lunch anyway.

The lunch was a first step on a long love road of romantic dates for Chris and Jessica. On the next day Jessica felt a strong desire to download a lot of romantic love songs from a free music download service. The type of songs that reflect exactly a dream mood of woman and man in love.

Jessica and Chris flirted for two years before moving together. They became long time partners and married after their long time romance. On the wedding day Chris and Jessica swore to love each other, to give up reading sensual erotic book stories and to order wedding photo prints at an online digital photo printing service.

Shortly after wedding Jessica and Chris visited an online travel agency web site for booking of their Hawaiian honeymoon vacation. The pictures of honeymoon and wedding were used to create an online photo album at's online data storage space like
Kristin-Kreuk-fake.jpg kylie-minogue-fake.jpg shiva-erotic-babe.jpg jennifer-lopez-ass-mutant.jpg natalie-portman-groeste-frau-der-welt.jpg
Female Woman with shiny white teeth is looking for photo editing .
Use for Free under creative commons licence.
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