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Roliga Porr Model

Funny Valentine's Day story.

In the forgotten time and space as flowers used to be on every window ledge of a small, convenient New York City Bank.

Roliga Porr found herself again in a worn out clerks chair calculating the total number of seconds she already lost for trying not to think about that funny digital photos she would take on her next Hawaii vacations.

Deep thoughts about vacation collapsed into an infinite loop. She decided to dive into the world of college humor pictures she would find through's grandpa

The picture search started slightly complicated. Miss Porr found a large picture collection of bizarre photo mugs, crazy tattoo pictures, fakes of alien erotic images and a strange female models with womens fetish clothing in street style of Bob the Builder outfit.

As TV never tells to switch off and always told to switch off personal computers, Roliga Porr could not stop watching. There was only one thing she loved more than funny pictures.

The adult dating online service for young female readers of erotic books, where she dated her female boss without her knowledge. Roliga was not in need of a best friend, trusty partner or loving husband. Miss Porr was just playing sick adult online games with everyone who was searching for a husband or a wife.

The mighty love knew everything about wicked online games of Roliga. The system of love decided to keep Roliga in a lonely single girl mode until she realizes her wrongdoing and receives 14 Valentine's Day Gifts from 14 cheaters like her.

Miss Porr became lonely, sick and anorexic. Love was saved, online dating customers where happy again. Roliga needed 5 years to receive 14 Valentine's Day Gifts and 5 years to find her husband, a wife or a loving friend like MAMA.
censored-woman-picture.jpg roliga-bilder-porr.jpg liv_tyler_fake.jpg britney-spears.jpg jennifer_lopez-fake.jpg
Female Woman with shiny white teeth is looking for photo editing .
Use for Free under creative commons licence.
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