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Jessica Simpson loves funny pictures

Fictional text by Ramar Wolfenstein for

Hot wife
Her name is a strange, pseudo random combination of letters. She might be a living disney princess doll, a hot woman or some pop music making star with a bright smile of Jessica Simpson CD cover.

In the early 2002 most of Jessica Simpson pictures were a must for all online adult dating service cheaters, who collect funny celebrity photos for a very secret collection of star fashion faces under the bed, in online chat profiles or for their usage on cheap fake ID cards.

Nick Lachey hot wife lover
His name is just Lachey Nick, which is a synonym for mp3 music fabricating TV personality with some appearance at TV shows, short music clips, fan poster photos for young girls or common public celebrity gatherings.

Some day sweet Nick took a very close look at hot Jessica Simpson bikini pictures and began to think about wedding pictures with him and her.

In the same decade Jessica Simpson music lyrics started to be more about love then ever before. She generated song lyrics and album titles like:
"take my breath away" with a "sweet kiss" "In This Skin" or "Irresistible" fresh oxygen will spoil the moment.

That type of music titles and lyrics leads even the simple thinking people to a direct conclusion that Jessica was falling in love with Nick or someone else.

After a long time of being part time lovers, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey decided to quit a boring living conditions of not married, not divorced and not having children amateur couple life. They took time for choosing a wedding dress and married somewhere in TexaS.

Funny rumors about him and her
Shortly after the life of this fresh married couple became too easy and so boring for the masses of manga and anime watching fans, Simpson and Lachey figured out how to change a situation of happiness, harmony and love within their young family.

The couple decided to be more controversial, to spread marketing rumors and gossip. The first rumors of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey divorce started to attract the celeb news watching public. The demanded divorce became reality in someone's head.

Shortly after this well staged divorce, another shocking rummor flickered on
It will be terrible, don't read ahead if you are under 23 !

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey split long hair style of dog puppies with sharp scissors to use the splitted hair for black magic voodoo rituals. This rituals are supposed to take place on an unholy place where sweet young couples divorce for the first time.

The plastic surgery of the Simpson's lips is suspected to be another untruth about the woman who markets goods like: concert tickets, Christmas music, Dessert Beauty cosmetic products, perfume for woman or apparel from her own clothing line. will not be surprised if Jessica Simpson pregnant belly photos or fake news of her being pregnant will occur as rumors about her pregnancy will be enough to catch attention of cute baby loving fans.

Those same fans who love Jessica Simpson posters where she is posing in a pink bikini, Gucci replica boots, and a thong slip under tight jeans.

Other fans and friends, who still not getting enough of her, can watch her body moving as Daisy Duke aka Jessica Simpson in Duke of Hazzard movie.
jessica-alba-bikini.jpg lindsay-lohan-funny-pics.jpg jessica-simpson-funny-pictures.jpg outkast-2.jpg george-clooney.jpg
Female Woman with shiny white teeth is looking for photo editing .
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