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Lindsay Lohan and funny fans

Funny story with a broken narrative. Ending is happy.

Mark and Jane were some total stranger with similar addiction to Lindsay Lohan vanity fair cover pictures. That people's magazine where people like Kate Moss, Joaquin Phoenix and Paris Pamela Anderson spread their funny pictures of celebrity oops, slips and smiley faces.

Mark became fancy about the fun Lindsay Lohan pics and wallpapers with some young models in a strong outfit. Women like to feel strong and confident in public.

Jane could not stop watching at her Lindsay Lohan poster, she became skinny, because she wanted to be like her idol. Myspace was still popular around that time.

The fan club for anonymous fans of Lindsay Lohan photos opened at 20:30 to be a place for decent talks about world news, music lyrics, rumors about Lindsay and Lohan's silicone apliences.

The party was running hot and even hotter. Mark and fellows fell fanatically in love with new Lindsay Lohan photos from her official web site. Jane and other wild party girls discussed the intimacy of Lindsay Lohan lyrics, her daughter father relation, new rumors of some celebrity being pregnant, and the new diabetic diet for fast weight loss.

In the magic moment of midnight when Mark's eyes fell at Jane with her wild Hilary Duff hair style and Jane's eyes fell at Mark, who presumably looked like a boy who could tell funny jokes.

Mark and Jane began to float towards each other without to loose eye contact. She said "hello" as they met at the bar stools. He said: did you say "Hello" ?

The conversation evolved into a five hours talk about someone's online diary with Lohan's confessions of a broken heart, the ultimate biography of Paris Hilton and a philosophic discussion about the difference of buying an antique DVD movie online, or just watching the funny videos from the internet.

Jane and Mark exchanged phone numbers, met on each weekend, moved together, became long time partners, and managed to book a Las Vegas wedding twice.

At the day of writing the wedding invitations Mark found his secret Lindsay Lohan pictures amusing and not worth to be placed in his online photo album near the funny pictures from their last family vacation.
jessica-alba-bikini.jpg lindsay-lohan-funny-pics.jpg jessica-simpson-funny-pictures.jpg outkast-2.jpg george-clooney.jpg
Female Woman with shiny white teeth is looking for photo editing .
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