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new snoop dog breeds

Almost erotic story by Moris Garon for

In the Chinese year of the dog breeds (2006, 2018 or 2030). Somewhere behind the map of Newfoundland or Labrador in a white house with green garage door, lived a cute couple of mid 30 married people, friends and lovers
with lot of love, freedom and fun.

She was only Lisa, hot girl next door in tight sweater who used to work as bounty hunter, animal rescue officer and sometimes as health care insurance broker.
He was only Gustavo, a Latin pet lover who used to work as German shepherd, Australian cattle breeder, portuguese water bed manufacturer and sometimes as Honda motorcycle dealer.

Lisa and Gustavo were in love with a strong desire to have children in boarding schools, sweet babies in a nursery or at least an adult kid at home. Unfortunately both were infertile and incapable to adopt a baby.

On a sad sunny Sunday as Lisa looked at very funny big dog pictures she generated a brilliant idea how to end a misery of being alone, not pregnant and infertile for ever. Lisa decided to adopt a pet from animal shelter, to buy a snoop dog from hunting dog breeders or to purchase a golden retriever puppy.

Gustavo and Lisa dressed for shopping in a store with big black letters saying small dogs for sale. A flickering electric light illuminated the friendly wholesale pet shop. The future lapdog of Lisa and Gustavo was sitting quiet, prepared and ready in a huge type of a dog pile behind cat kennels, pet collar id tags, funny birthday cakes and miniature crates for pets.

The puppy looked sweet, smart and very bizarre to a common citizen. Even the professional pet dealer could not help to define the breed. It was a hybrid junction of Maltese hound, Chihuahua canine and a prairie pug.
The price tag said it simple "small breeds, easy to treat".

After the sweet puppy was bought, it started barking for a female name like Vega, Sisi, Patsy or Rita. Lisa and Gustavo looked at the list of hot dog names and named their almost bloodhound just "Maria".

Behavior training
Little cute puppy could not stop barking at Lisa's large black pussy cat photos, jump on the bed of Gustavo, bite clothes and run against electric fences.

Gustavo proposed to engage a world ugliest dog whisperer with experience in boxer dog training, Bernese mountain biking and pitbull dog grooming. The name of the whisperer was Clifford the big red hound.
The main task of the hound whisperer was to prepare the puppy for any international eukanuba show in Tampa Florida, Dubai Hotel or Hong Kong pet parks.

After monthes of regular training, with funny animal trainer, the puppy learned how to eat the classic diamond dog food properly without to spoil the divane, bed or sofa.

The pomeranian size lapdog Maria became a pet star of many international eukanuba show, an alpha animal in the neighborhood, savior and protector of grazing ships in New Zealand and the best friend of her loving owners.

Gustavo and Lisa became satisfied and happy for ever. They loved their pet like a newborn baby, small kid, a teen girl, a teenage boy or like a long time best friend.
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Female Woman with shiny white teeth is looking for photo editing .
Use for Free under creative commons licence.
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