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Disney princess wedding dresses

Free short story by Moris Garon for

Coral princess Ariel is sitting in front of her underwater Computer with a pink princess phone in her hand that she is using for an online conference call with Cinderella and Mama.

This three beautiful women of wonder make a phone conversation about the beautiful strapless bridal gown that Ariel has seen on cable TV Disney Channel.

Last week the caribbean princess Ariel has managed to write 1024 invitations on wedding cards for bridal guests. The invitation cards have a flower bouquet with fine gold rings as a cover and colorful Disney princess pictures on the back side.

Colorful white dress
Suddenly Cinderella proposes to visit an couture boutique of royal dressmaking dressers, who stitch designer wedding dresses, junior bridesmaid dresses and plus size prom dresses for evening events.

In the couture boutique Ariel and Cinderella were surprised by a fancy champagne cocktail of colors. The best female friends played a long dress up game for women with humor. First they tried a vanilla vintage dress, then the black short dress and a cheap bridesmaid dress. Finally a snow white dress in colors of the Ice princess was found among the bridal apparel accessories. This bride gown exceeded all expectations of complex woman mind.

Bridal cake
After the strapless white wedding dress was bought, Cinderella and Ariel had to choose one of many man made wedding cakes with sugar girl barbie dolls on the top of each bridal cake. All cakes were a delightful taste to the eye and tongue. Ariel had to ask her wise mother, who gave marriage advises like a professional marriage counseling agency of

The wise mother said that online hotel reservations for bridal guests were already made and Ariel's diamond wedding rings with engraved charms and princess cut diamonds already bought. Ariel had to buy the biggest most exclusive chocolate bridal cake as fast as possible.

send flowers worldwide
One day before bridal shower, the basket flower girl realized that she missed to order flowers online, but this oblivious smart little girl was clever enough to send bouquet of fresh flowers by a flower delivery service of professional online florists that can send flowers worldwide to any place, woman and man. The wedding flowers bouquet arrived safe and secure, five hours before ceremony.

marriage ceremony
The marriage ceremony in style of Las Vegas wedding in a casino hotel was perfect. The marriage had to be perfect, because Ariel's mother was very clever to buy a wedding insurance for the engaged couple, the masses of bridal guests, the garden furniture and the successful outcome of the ceremony.

Seconds after the bridal music stopped to play. Ariel and her lover Orlando said yes. Everyone felt ecstatic. The wedding photographer and videographer has made hundreds of digital pictures that were recently developed in an online photo printing service.

After the honeymoon vacation on a Caribbean princess cruise line ship, Ariel and her husband Orlando already decided to live in a Disney rental castle on the planet of Walt Disney World Resorts, where children get free access to all attractions.

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