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wedding flowers delivery service

Free short story by Moris Garon for

A handsome man with the name of Mark Spencer lives on the island where beautiful women with Hawaiian flower tattoos dance dressed up in tropical flower girl dresses made of silk.

Mark is one of many online florists with Internet domains like's fella The special specialty of Mark's online florist delivery service is that he can send flowers worldwide to any place, on any day like Valentine's day, the birthday or even on Mother's day.

Sometimes people from New York call Mark's floral delivery services to order such exotic plants like white Lotus blossoms, dried Hibiscus bonsai or orange origami Sunflowers.

Some days beautiful women have a need to order flowers online for spreading a new seed of fresh floral plants on the virtual farm field around the bridal bed. Those days are the lucky days of Mark, the international teleflorist, who feels like an online Santa Claus with his own same day flower delivery service that is sending by mail absolutely fresh cut blossoms direct from grower of the Spring Hill farm.

One day a mature woman ordered a summer wedding flowers bouquet for the annual anniversary of her wedding. The wedding bouquet should be an extravagant floral arrangement of white Orchids, a bunch of yellow Tulips and rose white Roses. The woman accepted to pay any price, if her floral order would be delivered as a singing flowergram in a white gift box with custom balloons, a champagne basket, large Teddy bears, fresh fruits and sweet gourmet chocolate strawberries.

Mark Spencer, the customer friendly online flower shop owner, took a challenge of this almost wholesale order, because super hero people like Mark spend hours for thinking about the deep meaning of wild flower pictures on the wallpaper of a modern art gallery.

It was not easy to manage everything, but the romantic flowers were delivered on time in a crystal glass vase within a Chinese porcelain pot. The delivery boy has performed a song about female children of Mark, which all have very unusual baby names like blue Iris, lila Jasmine, pink Lily and purple Daisy.

The mature woman was extremely pleased. She promised to use Mark's florist service every time she needs to buy a new seed of fresh silk flowers for her red Rose garden design study.
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Female Woman with shiny white teeth is looking for photo editing .
Use for Free under creative commons licence.
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