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beautiful women looking for man

Short story about a beautiful women looking for man by Ramar Wolfenstein for

Twenty five years ago Desi was a stupid girl that knew exactly how to meet rich men on a Caribbean cruise line ship. Today Desi Lund is a just divorced woman in a situation of the single hot girl next door that becomes jealous, if she sees young girls kissing boys on the street.

Desi lives in a Circuit City of New York near a divorced man with a name of Salman Khan, who works as an fiancee visa attorney and consultant for divorce without tears. Desi and Salman are two unrelated human people in a city area of divorced single parents.

It was a warm Saturday night as Desi Lund watched a romantic video with hot women pictures of attractive Bollywood actresses in a dramatic love movie that made Desi thinking about dating on line. Desi took all her courage for registration at one of many matchmaking online speed dating services for meeting of singles near by.

In the same night Salman Khan could not sleep. He was thinking about how to meet single women with alternative lifestyle. Salman remembered a conversation of two older women that were chatting about a rich man who was meeting women on a single vacation trip for fast dating of divorced women wrestling stars.

A singles vacation cruise was nothing for Salman Khan, because he was too wise to know that he is in the same life situation as many black women looking for love online on a Asian Christian dating agency web site like's brother The same female personals who place personal ads for contacts of a single women looking for man near by at an online dating service web site like's sister

Salman was ready to search through profiles of dating website personals with beautiful women photos, where Desi Lund already placed her hot mature women picture that was her most attractive digital photo after pregnancy.

Salman wrote an invitation massage to Desi, who was already sick of thinking about where to meet single men or at least meet people in a meeting place for singles. After tree days of deep thinking Desi responded with an cross over invitation to a lunch.

Salman and Desi met for lunch that was a preview for the cinema film theater visit which ended with a long discussion about the love movie that was a beginning for 512 dates and 1024 lunches for Desi and Salman who remain flirting friends as long as they want to.

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Female Woman with shiny white teeth is looking for photo editing .
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