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short hair styles of sedu

Beauty article about styling by Moris Garon for

Melissa Sweet is an average pro active, dynamic woman who enjoys to look for new beauty highlights of celebrity hair styles in pictures from hairstyle magazines for long haired, beautiful woman suffering from choppy, chunky, cropped curls.

One happy Sunday morning, Melisa took a close look at the reflection of herself in her silver mirror and decided to make a complete makeover of her style. Melisa was thinking about hairstyling herself afresh with one of the short hair cuts for beautiful women who have straight, curly and wavy fur coats that need a frequent medication treatment with gorgeous long hair loss products like Viviscal, Revivogen, Tricomin or Avacor.

Melisa was short of money and time for desire resort and spa vacations for women where famous people like Charlize Theron, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and David Beckham invest patience into laser epilation by permanent laser hair removal treatment for soft skin care on face, legs or hairy hands of male men and female women.

Obviously a spa vacation was not an option for Melisa who felt a growing desire for semi permanent hair color styling that she has seen in moving movie pictures of hair styles for curly women. The same curly women who enjoy a treatment with a professional teeth bleaching system in a franchise tanning salon that also offers gift certificates for men and victims of the flowbee haircuter machine.

Self-conscious Melisa Sweet started to ask for a long black hair salon business near by. A girlfriend of Melisa recommended the professional services of a famous hairstylist Sedu Wong. The girlfierend told that Sedu Wong is a certified hairdresser master in chi ceramic hairstyling iron for short layered hairstyles and prom haircuts. Even at night master Sedu dreams in black and white pictures of beautiful brunette models with black hairstyles, the cute cuts of Sedu Prom hairstyles and blonde dyed shirts under their formal evening dresses.

Melisa made her way to the salon of famous hairstylist Sedu Wong. The hairdressing salon of Sedu Wong is a strange place where sheer blonde women appear dressed up in body tights, formal female bridal dresses and handmade beautiful blonde afro wigs.

The hairstyling started with common black hair style tips and advices. Sedu Wong began to apply medical shampoo treatment and other female hair thinning products to prevent balding of man and woman by washing of head in slow motion.

After the slow shampoo washing was finished, Sedu continued with haircutting, bleaching of streaks, adding of braiding extensions for restoration, replacement and complete transplantation of hair to make it grow faster.

Master Sedu haircut party was ritually highlighted by the magic powers of natural sea beauty products for sensitive skin care of women's men who appreciate ceramic nail files for natural finger nail treatment.

Melisa could not recognize herself in photos before and after her hairstyle makeover. Now she is one of the beautiful women with short hair styles who also have a semi permanent short style emo cut, make up mascara under dyed eyelashes and smiling face pictures on web sites like
sexy-beautiful-women-hot-girls.jpg heir-styles-cuts-prom.jpg short-hair-styles-prom-cuts.jpg short-hair-hairstyles.jpg short-hair-cuts.jpg
Female Woman with shiny white teeth is looking for photo editing .
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