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celebrity hair styles

Beauty of style story by Ramar Wolfenstein for

Maria Rocher is known to her friends as independent, beautiful single woman that works in a cosmetic dentistry clinic as a cosmetic dentist with porcelain tooth veneers, black pearl earrings and a professional fetish for dental laser teeth whitening gel.

Slowly walking down the street Maria was thinking about her fading loreal hair color. A group of young women with long, medium and short hair cuts in layered style of stylish emo girls crossed Maria's way. Maria felt it is time to change her look, fashion and style.

Coming home Maria began her daily skin care and grooming ritual. Colorful pictures of celebrity hair styles came to Maria's mind while she was applying a facial anti aging skin care product and a cosmetic anti aging cream for mood enhancement or just to prevent wrinkles and cellulite on spots where attractive, beautiful women avoid them. Maria thought about short curly hair styles for short haircuts with bangs.

She thought deeper about a new funky style that could make a woman like Maria even more attractive, young, dynamic, and fresh looking.

Let's find a best style for me, said Maria to herself. First Maria tried to find her style by looking at the female pictures of short hair styles in a gallery of hairdresser master Sedu Wong. The modern art gallery pictures of Sedu hairstyles were mostly exellent, but nothing for beautiful women like Maria Rocher.

Asking a friend for ideas is always a good way to get further. Maria decided to make an online call to her best ex-friend Jose Aveda. Jose Aveda is a cosmetic doctor in his laser hair removal clinic. Maria and Jose Aveda met six years ago in a largest online dating service for professionals, Christian singles and single personals.

Maria interrupted Jose in a middle of a session for permanent laser hair removal on facial skin, legs and arms of a female woman. Jose could not help Maria and proposed to to call him later. Much later than Maria was willing to wait.

Asking an other friend for ideas is also a good way to get further. Maria was smart to call her best hairdresser girlfriend Vera Wong to ask her for new hairstyle ideas. Vera Wong was relaxing in in a Jacuzzi hot tub whirlpool of a franchise tanning salon and spa resort.

Vera was clueless, but clever enough to say that Maria could ask a professional stylist in a black, long hair salon de coiffure near a franchise tanning salon at the spa beach where Vera was lying surrounded by men and women in Brazilian bikini string tangas.

Next day Maria went to salon de coiffure where women like Vera Wong receive a beauty treatment with ceramic nail file for acrylic nail care.

A professional hairdresser stylist took a challenge to change the style of Maria. First the smart hairdresser said that happy balding man in need of an affordable hair transplant surgery for faster growth do not scare a skillful hairdresser like a mature women who buys shampoo for hair loss cure treatment with generic Propecia, Avacor, Nioxin or Revivogen.

Four hours of braiding, washing, cutting and eating of ice cream for anti aging helped Maria to become even more attractive, young, dynamic, and fresh looking woman. Now Maria feels more confident to get complements and invitations to a lunch for informal conversation about web sites like
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Female Woman with shiny white teeth is looking for photo editing .
Use for Free under creative commons licence.
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