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luxury car rental

An automotive story by Moris Garon for

Energetic Avis Abeba lives a humble lifestyle of a modest automobile lover with a pleasure of having a cheap car insurance. Abeba's mature wife was driving home in an old family vehicle as suddenly the gently used auto with expired automobile warranties was damaged by falling rocks.

A friendly classic car accident lawyer advised Avis Abeba to save costs of an auto glass replacement and rather use a charity car donation program to write off tax. Firstly Avis thought to apply for auto repair loans with included automotive oil change, but secondly generous Avis donated his classic automobile to charity that agreed to pay for auto transport services.

Sitting home family of Avis democratically discussed a purchase of a new family auto. A first son of Avis proposed to apply for a custom new car leasing, to finance the leasing by a low rate online auto loan and to replace this loan by an auto refinance loan after a year. The lovely wife of Avis suggested to go shopping in an enterprise car rental service that offered used cars for sale. The youngest daughter of Avis wisely recommended to use hybrid car rentals where common citizen rent used luxury cars online for a drive on a wide road.

Clueless Avis Abeba decided to a ask a professional online auto trader with a certificate of the automotive sales training school. The certified new and used cars dealer said that it is a ecstatic joy for Miss Mercedes Benz to drive in a BMW convertible with a new Honda generator and used Toyota parts.

Avis was more clueless than before. The friendly automobile dealer explained to Avis that it is generally better to buy a new car online with extended auto warranties than to use one way car rental agencies with special online auto rental deals and discounts for companies.

Looking at his bad credit car finance quote Mister Abeba decided to look up for current auto insurance quotes online and to purchase an used eco friendly automobile. The used eco automobile was proudly purchased and successfully filed for vehicle registration at the department of motor vehicles.

Now the smiling Avis Abeba is a proud owner of a family batmobile that is richly equipped with genuine napa auto parts and discount audio car accessories.
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Female Woman with shiny white teeth is looking for photo editing .
Use for Free under creative commons licence.
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