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Social behavior story by Yoshi Toshibo for

Lying on the bed Amanda Tinkerbell slowly examined new pictures of the famous people magazine online edition. The glossy magazine was full with happy faces of healthy humans who love to chat about natural skin tanning advantages after having an affordable laser hair removal in NYC and a dental gel teeth whitening treatment in LA.

Miss Tinkerbell was already tired of looking at the mentally ugly people photos as she recognized her first boyfriend among the funny faces of celebrity stars in a party photo. The person was one of her high school classmates who used to be a bellhop at a Walt Disney World vacation rental villa in Orlando Florida.

Amanda thought how nice it would be to meet her friend again or even to refresh the discontinued friendship. Emotionally motivated Amanda Tinkerbell decided to call her first boyfriend, but did not know the current phone number. Encouraged Tinkerbell tried to look up the cell phone number with in a free people search engine like's buddy dudes google and yahoo which delivered nothing but a site of a stupid teen who openly offered self DNA test results, the cell phone number address and his funny pictures of fat people in need for fast weight loss.

Smart Miss Tinkerbell began to seek for the phone number in a free people finder service similar to the Canadian white pages of the USA. Unfortunately the very white pages about the old friend of Amanda where empty like a snow white sheet of photo printer paper.

The inventive women Amanda had a clever idea to use the same technique as the funky African American personals who find people in online dating service agencies that guarantee to each single women and man to find singles by Internet dating.

The clever idea was to search through filtered photo galleries of the largest ordinary black dating services that is normally used to find and meet people online or just for dating black people with beautiful black and white photo portraits.

The dating service offered to find the exact person, if a woman like Amanda gives her exact preferences and a physical description of the person. Ambitious Amanda Tinkerbell hoped to narrow her search to a group of 50 profile pictures. After three hours of looking at the portrait photos Amanda realized that she would only find hot black singles in the big little world of online dating personals.

Disappointed Miss Tinkerbell was not willing to give up like the nifty fellas who manage to find an online bank that offers credit cards and mortgage for people with bad credit. Amanda tried to think in the same way like the other top 100 most beautiful people who like to read health and beauty tips in a relaxed atmosphere of an adventure travel cruise. Thinking what others think is very difficult for tired women like Amanda, so she decided to call the high school where she and her first boyfriend enjoyed the education.

A high school clerk told Amanda that her first boyfriend might be attending the annual anniversary of The Graduate. On the week of the anniversary Amanda booked a cheap airline flight to the town of her high school time and visited the party where she was lucky to meet her first boyfriend again.

Socially sophisticated Amanda managed to refresh the friendship. Her first boyfriend was ery kind to send flowers and a gift basket on Amanda's birthday. Last year the old friends spend their holidays in a Walt Disney vacation resort, where they made a verbal agreement to stay in contact as long as they want to.
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Female Woman with shiny white teeth is looking for photo editing .
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