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formal evening dresses

Formal wear story By Ramar Wolfenstein for

Ecstatically relaxed Tiffany enjoyed a hot tub spa water colored by a bath fragrance with blossoms of red roses. Warming water reflected Tiffany's smooth legs that seemed to appear slightly longer after a permanent laser hair removal in NY city.

A long time dream could soon become reality. Tiffany always desired to cover parts of her smooth, long legs with a black evening dress for prom and special occasions like the New Year's Eve party of where modest women wear fancy dress costumes.

Colorful day dream pictures of short designer prom dresses came to Tiffany's mind. She thought how nice it would be to wear one of the red silk, blue satin or at least yellow cotton formal evening dresses that charming celebrity people wear on the red carpet. A special type of party people who know the real value of soft nail care with Chinese ceramic nail file after having a natural anti aging wrinkle cream treatment for soft face lifting that significantly enhances results of a professional bright white teeth whitening gel.

A close look into the wardrobe closet revealed an inconvenient truth. The closet was full with street wear jeans, athletic apparel, two cashmere Armani suits of the husband and three white wedding dresses that Tiffany inherited from her mother. A designer evening gown was missing in the private fashion collection of Tiffany.

Elegant Tiffany decided to change the situation by finding her new evening gown in a store for formal evening wear or in an affordable formal wear rental shop. Vera Wong the best girlfriend of Tiffany was invited to join the shopping party.

The best place to find modest formal dresses was a fashion boutique of a model lover Jovani Tizza, who enjoyed professional fashion classes of an Italian designer college. Jovani's boutique offered the newest spring collection of luxurious vintage ball gowns, well shaped plus size evening wear, dark blue prom gowns and beautiful women's shoes for women that used to play casual women's dress up games for girls with vintage barbie dolls. Tiffany and Vera felt to be fashion photo models in a wonderland of's fellow Versace.

Marvellous pleasure trip at Jovani's boutique ended with a purchase of a beautiful evening gown that can make eager woman easily become a dance prom princess. The goddess gown which Tiffany lovingly perfumes by a Dolce and Gabbana fragrance to wear a strapless goddess bra under a cocktail dress that makes her to the best dressed woman at the party of her choice.
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Female Woman with shiny white teeth is looking for photo editing .
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