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short hair cuts and styles

Haircutting story by beauty expert Moris Garon for

Passionate Maria Ozawa felt a growing joy of excitement each time she exposed herself to cute pictures of short hair cuts for women. Excited Maria felt even more flurry, shortly before her monthly hairdo makeover with one of the hot, popular, cute celebrity hairstyles for famous star people who afforded a permanent laser hair removal in NYC.

Determined Maria knew well that proper selection of the funky short hair style can brighten up a woman's life as same as the teeth brighten up after a treatment with professional teeth whitening gel for cosmetic dental care.

Willing to go for sure Maria Ozawa decided to use the professional services of a female, short, brunette master stylist Vera Swan, who could easily provide professional consultancy on the newest, latest, modern women's short hair styles.

Overwhelmed by expectations Maria Ozawa made her way to the hairstyling salon of Vera Swan where beautiful women enjoy a pleasure of getting funky, spiky, short hair cuts with black hair extensions that make men's eyes look as if they shine in bright colors of colored contacts or any other cheap contact lenses from UK.

Entering the salon Maria Ozawa was amazed by the beauty of three dark dyed, gothic celebrity models who were smilingly leaving the hairdressing Salon of Vera Swan. Those smiling Asian models appeared to be freshly hairdressed with cropped, chunky, choppy styles of short hair cuts for women who prefer the latest Italian fashion of crazy, messy, sassy celebrity haircuts and styles. Stunned by the female models Maria felt a glimmer of hope for her own intention of getting one of Vera Swan's attractive, beautiful, elegant women's hairstyles.

Proceeding further Maria Ozawa noticed two emo teens who were just about of getting their beautiful, stylish and trendy teen hairstyles that seemed to be the newest teen craze of the edgy, spiky emo girl haircuts in punk style which Maria Ozawa remembered to have lately seen in's cute photos of short emo haircuts for girls. Dazed for a moment Maria imagined how she would look with one of that punky, cool, funky emo girl hairstyles. The imagination of Maria flooded her mind with colorful pictures of hairstyles for women that made Maria to long even more for the cute, short haircut styles.

Welcomely greeting Vera Swan interrupted Maria Ozawa's colorful day dream of cute, short hair cuts and styles. Politely asking Vera inquired if Maria would like to be styled with one of the hot, new hairstyles. Surprised Maria securingly replied that she firstly would like to see Vera Swan's talent examples in brilliant, professional hairstyle pictures of women's haircuts which were designed by the masterful Vera Swan.

Cooperating Vera opened her red colored portfolio gallery book of hip, urban, Indy hairstyle photos. Starting to research Maria was softly surprised by the fabulous photo set of human, oily, round faces in pictures of short hair cut styles. To the surprisement of Maria Ozawa, she was unable to identify herself with presented hairdos in female pictures of short hair styles for women.

Softening Vera Swan explained that Maria might want to take a look at the braided afro punk hairdos or any other black African American hairstyles that Vera had in her blue colored portfolio gallery book for best, perfect pictures of black hairstyles. Friendly agreeing Maria Ozawa proceeded imaging herself with one of the short African American hair styles from the healthy, young, natural pictures of short haircuts for women.

Coming to the end of the second portfolio gallery Maria Ozawa concluded that she is unable to decide between the presented hairdos, because she would like to look more different from her female girl friends, who already wear many similar to the presented, super trendy, short black hair styles.

Professionally coolish Vera offered to Maria a revelation of her secret, black dyed portfolio gallery album of unique hairdos for special customers who really appreciate the beauty of good, different, new haircut pictures of medium length layered haircuts. Promptly agreeing Maria Ozawa was stunned by the beauty as she was confronted with Vera Swan's wavy, curly, short hairstyles for women's hairdos. The hairdressing deal was perfect after Maria received her curl straightening, bleaching of highlights, braiding of twists and coloring of blonde streaks on her side fringe.

Hairishly satisfied Maria Ozawa felt the growing confidence in herself as she left Vera Swan's hairdresser salon with one of the simple, easy, formal hairstyles for women with natural elegance.
short-emo-hairstyles-hair-cuts.jpg short-haircuts-hair-styles.jpg short-hair-cuts-styles.jpg women-hairstyles-haircuts.jpg short-curly-hairstyles.jpg
Female Woman with shiny white teeth is looking for photo editing .
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