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Short Celebrity Hairstyles

Career story by Moris Garon for

Eagerly trying to boost her career Vanessa decided to redesign her appearance with one of the latest, cute, short celebrity hairstyles. Miss stylish Vanessa hoped to find new ideas for inspiration in the new, stylish and trendy pictures of short celebrity hairstyles where women like Jessica Alba are promoting a healthy looking style of freshness.

Clever Vanessa concluded that she would be more successful in her job, if she could restyle her hairdo in accordance with the black celebrity hair styles of her favorite actress Hilary Duff. Filled with sweet ideas Vanessa imagined that her female boss would surely love to see her wearing a new, beautiful celebrity hair color. She imagined how her coworkers would respectfully admire her, if she would be hairstyling herself with one of the short celebrity hair cuts that look gorgeous in any situation.

Waking up from her daydreams Vanessa slowly began thinking how to accomplish her goal of having an elegant, formal celebrity hair cut that would look professional, even if she wears a red mini skirt and a yellow shirt that fits well with her crazy pink socks. Looking at photos would be as easy as to dream, thought Vanessa, before she opened the latest edition of's short celebrity hairstyle magazine where popular people like Lindsay Lohan are demonstrating the clean brightness of their snow withe teeth.

Looking at the hip, edgy pictures of short celebrity haircuts made Vanessa to feel lost in a flood of color and light. Overwhelming pressure of countless opportunities made Vanessa nearly to give up her idea of restyling herself into a successful woman. As suddenly a joyful feeling of luck came over Vanessa as she discovered trendy, stylish celebrity hairstyle pictures that portrayed Jessica Biel with an oily round shape of her smiling face that was very similar to Vanessa's own face.

A short trip to the beauty salon near the inner city department store helped Vanessa to become more the way she likes it. Increased confidence and self respect resulted in a very happy smiling face of Vanessa. Even now, after a week of her makeover Vanessa is still smiling with a brightest smile of a person who was beautifully recreated with one of the funky, short celebrity hairstyles.
hairstyles-for-short-hair.jpg cute-short-hairstyles.jpg short-celebrity-hairstyles.jpg short-hairstyles-of-jessica-alba.jpg short-hair-blonde-color.jpg
Female Woman with shiny white teeth is looking for photo editing .
Use for Free under creative commons licence.
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