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Blonde Hairstyles for Short Hair Cuts

Progressively thinking Megan Fox loved the pleasure of having a new dark blonde hair color. Even after one euphoric week of joy passed without notable change. Her long haired friends told her that she never looked that gorgeous, attractive, beautiful and elegant. Her secret lover seemed to regain his passion for her, but her beloved husband pretended to show no interest in her newest obsession for dark blonde hair styles. Frustrating thoughts of regret started to pollute the mind of desperate Miss Fox, because her funky plan has failed to revive her punky marriage by coloring her natural brunette hairdo into a brown blonde color of an ash blonde woman with streaks.

The unbearable emotional pressure of this situation forced the hot, popular and cute Megan to become hungry for new ideas. It was time to act. It was time to show her spiky husband that their edgy marriage needed some refreshing change. She could not bring herself to do it with simple, easy or formal words, because she felt that it will not reach the medium length layered soul of her beloved husband. The only way to force him to change was to show him that she can do it too. So Megan Fox decided to change her appearance again and again by restyling herself with one of the short, new hairstyles for women that never fail to be admired.

The now determined Megan did what always does when it needs new ideas. Megan started to meditate, so that it would be easier for her to escape reality into the vivid dreams with pictures of short hairstyles for natural blonde women. She started to recollect all of her memories about naturally blonde women with short haircut styles.

At first the gray, thinning images of her mother revolved around the cropped, chunky whirls of her mind. Her gray mother came to her in beautiful memories, as if it was her own photo album with series of pictures of short hair cuts for blond hair colors, because her mother used to change her style as often as she was able to spot some new crazy, messy, sassy women's new haircuts that made her to believe that it was hip, urban or indy to have them on her bleached, curly head.

In a loud NO, said Miss Fox to herself ! I do not wish to become a clone of my stylish, trendy mother, because she wanted to resemble popular women that appear as gods in perfect advertising pictures of hairstyles for women with smooth legs that were polished by a permanent laser hair removal treatment in a professional beauty salon of Letitia Wong. For a moment Megan almost imagined herself being someone else. Someone who she saw in the popular media. Someone who was strong and gifted enough to smile to millions of fans from the cute pictures of short haircuts for women with blond streaks. There was still time enough to become crazy later in life, so she postponed it with an ironic smile and started to meditate deeper.

Why not indeed, said the straight-thinking Megan to herself ! I want to resemble my favorite female celebrity that people love to see in pictures of short haircuts for blonds. Then she regretfully remembered that you can not copy someones personality by copying their appearance. The good part of this idea was that you can at least ask for advice from someone who has personality, so that the gift of personality will rain down on you in a permed, wavy or curly streaks of ideas.

The only popular person with personality that attracted Megan Fox was her personal blond idol Maria Sharapova. Megan arranged an informal meeting with Maria through her feminine relationship manger As the meeting took place, Miss friendly Sharapova advised Megan to develop her own style that makes her feel comfortable, professional and desired. The best way to do so was to question every aspect of her perfect hairdo. After several hours of talking about curly streaks, elegant styles and bleaching colors, the now tired Miss Sharapova gave up and allowed Miss Fox to copy her own, unique style, so that Megan could save her Marriage by copying someone else. And this is how Mis Megan Fox became happy and desired once again.
short-celebrity-hairstyles.jpg short-hairstyles-of-jessica-alba.jpg short-hair-blonde-color.jpg short-black-hair-styles.jpg short-hair-cuts-styles-women.jpg
Female Woman with shiny white teeth is looking for photo editing .
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