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Short Black Hair Styles for Brunette Women

Thinking deep Rihanna Fenty relaxed her heavy head as she leaned back into her soft leather chair of brown color. Personal thoughts about life and relationships flooded her tired brain. Regretful questions began to travel between Rihanna Robyn Fenty's synapses of memory without providing meaningful answers to her funky mind. She asked herself if she could have been happier, if she chose to do different in the past. She asked herself if she could be like one of those naturally happy black women from the latest fashion pictures of short black hair styles for women who have fulfilling relationships.

Missing to find answers to her personal questions Rihanna Fenty decided to talk to her flexible friend Beyonc? Giselle Knowles. She chose to invite her to a personal meeting, because Beyonce was one of the happiest female friends in the urban circle of her African American friends with natural black brown hair styles for women.

The elegant beauty of Beyonce's new black hair extensions made the healthy heart of Robyn Fenty to beat faster as Miss Knowles arrived in front of her private home. A warm smile with a facial kiss and a formal hug made her heart to beat even faster. The happily smiling girlfriends proceeded into a secret garden of flowers where Rihanna hoped to ask for answers to her urgent questions. In the garden, the attractive duo sat down at a wooden table that was already decorated with food and tea.

Actively excited Beyonce noticed a hidden desire in the dark brunette eyes of Miss Fenty as she drank yet another cup of exotic tea from the brilliant brand of Her female intuition was confirmed as Robyn started to complain that she tried to do everything that she could to become happy, but felt rather disappointed with her personal life. The slightly surprised Miss Knowles turned into confusion, because she alway believed that Rihanna was one perfect example for happy women with short brunette hairstyles.

Trying to understand Beyonc? Knowles asked Robyn Fenty why she felt unfulfilled, because it was not easy for her to accept that Robyn's natural black hair colors were smartly deceiving about her inner happiness. The professional Rihanna explained that she felt a pressing desire to become like one of the happy female friends from her family album with pictures of haircuts for Asian women.

Helpful Giselle Knowles instantly understood the situation. In a beautiful warm voice she said: "You have been trying to make other people happy by becoming someone that they expected you to become. You have been living like a stereotype of a stylish, trendy, popular girl from the cute pictures of short haircuts for black women ." The round face of Robyn curved itself into an apparently helpless shape. She began to speak slower in an embarrassed voice, so as if she was pushing every word out of her mouth. The words became too heavy to be spoken out. She said: "I felt better by making everyone around me happier, so I did what was expected of me".

Softening Beyonc? replied in a wise voice: "No need to be embarrassed for making people happier." You can still do it, but you need to become more natural and more open to yourself. Embracing yourself by changing your artificial appearance with one of the natural brunette women's new haircuts will help you to become naturally happy again. Embracing the natural beauty generally helps hip, modern people of female origin to feel easy, relaxed and satisfied with life.

Emotionally unfreezing Rihanna blinked her hazel brown eyes with a glimmer of hope. Her inner intuition made her feel good about the wise words of Beyonc? Knowles. Growing in trust she asked how she could find out what was natural for her, because after long years of styling herself for others she forgot how to be open about her own preferences.

Wildly smiling Beyonc? suggested to invite a female hairdressing stylist who could restyle her edgy head with one of the short haircut styles for black hair in a comfortable atmosphere of her own home. The idea of a personal hairdressing party seemed convincing, so the haircutting stylist was invited for a visit on a sunny Friday afternoon. The warming sun, the latest music and the familiar atmosphere of her home helped Rihana to relax so that she was able to discover her personal look in the numerous pictures of black hairstyles for round faces. She felt it to be natural, easy and simple for her to wear. The cut was done on the same day.

Two weeks after her change Robyn Fenty seemed to be transformed into a different person who enjoyed life in every second and under any weather conditions. Her inner happiness attracted good people to her side, which was making her to feel even better. The change to a shorter style helped her to become happy with herself. She started to express herself creatively in an open way that felt natural and simple for her to do. And this is how Robyn Rihanna Fenty became a famous fashion icon of short hair cuts for black women.
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