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Styles of Short Haircuts for Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba put her gentle fingers into her long, brown locks. She looked at the other women at the pool area of a five star hotel in Barcelona. A surprising similarity attracted her attention. It appeared to Jessica, that the successful, beautiful women around her were wearing very similar short haircuts for round faces. The colors were different, but the length and elegance were very similar. She looked at a relaxed woman at the other side of the pool. The Asian woman was cleaning her red bikini from the drops of violet juice that she was drinking. Her short hair was very edgy, with sharp ends at the bang and soft, textured layered along the sides. It was died into a light, red-brown color of joy. Jessica thought that the henna color was too rebellious for herself.

Jessica Alba loved her comfortable European vacation. In Barcelona, she was surrounded every day by other Latinos who looked like angels. Their well toned bodies were complimented by the latest celebrity haircuts for short hair styles. Their trendy clothes were unique, colorful and very natural. Jessica felt that she was falling behind the latest fashion trends that she needed to follow for her own career. She was not able to keep up with all of the fashions lately, because she had been spending massive amounts of time with her children at home. Jessica did enjoy to be surrounded by her children, but she also felt that she has been losing contact with the bigger universe. She lost her freshness of elegance to the normal women who were wearing different designer dresses now.

Feeling the heat of the sun, Jessica alba looked around again. She noticed a group of female doctors who had new haircuts for short women. These new styles of short haircuts for women improved their round faces and made their feminine shoulders to appear stronger and smoother. Jessica began to admire them secretly. She looked down at her belly. It was firm and well tanned under her new, African bikini. She trained for month in the yoga school of to become thinner and healthier after her pregnancy. The stretching exercises helped her to become happier about her body again. She smiled with joy about herself.

Jessica closed her eyes and leaned back into her soft tanning chair. She thought to herself that she needed a trip to the beauty salon to refresh her appearance. She imagined how it would help her to become motivated again to go outside of her private villa more often. The European vacation in Spain was her first public event in a year. She spoke to her husband in the morning and had decided to stay alone in the exclusive, luxury hotel in order to enjoy the sunshine, the swimming pool and the servants that allowed her to be messy as long she wanted it. She expected her older sister Angelina Jolie to be arriving soon to join her.

Jessica leaned forward to put both of her soft hands into a green designer bag at the side of her lounger. She pulled out a large book about colorful female fashion. It was bound in white cotton. The golden letters on the cover said "History of Short Haircuts in Pictures." The book contained a large photo collection of hip looking women with popular, urban styles and messy looks for women with thick and straight Asian hair. Jessica kept turning the pages with lazy speed, until she landed in the the chapter about Latino women with modern, short haircuts for round faces. She started to smile.

Sweet styling ideas flooded the happy soul of Jessica Alba. She was looking at the cute pictures of short haircut styles for women and imagined herself and her sister Angelina with identically matching women's haircuts for short hair styles. The funny pictures of the naturally bound styling book of sparked her creativity. She dreamed about walking the red carpet with her sister Angelina in her arm. She imagined the elegant evening dresses that they would be wearing. She imagined how they would be smiling at photographers and have fun together. And then Jessica realized, that some part of her was missing public attention and the celebrity lifestyle that she was trying to get away from. She remembered how much she thrived on it. She remembered how feminine, strong and loved she felt, when the crowd of fans was cheering her. She wanted to share this emotion with her sister.

Walking slowly, Angelina Jolie finally arrived at the pool. Jessica Alba hugged her beloved sister with a genuine smile. Happy Angelina unwrapped her Indian sari to show her long, polished legs. She lied down and very next to Jessica on the adjacent lounge chair. Thinking about her health, she covered her softly tanned skin with a natural sun blocking product. Jessica secretly looked at Angelina's head through her golden sunglasses. She was thinking about short haircut styling ideas that would look elegant on her sister's head. She smiled with a knowing smile of expectation.

Angelina began to suspect. She asked inquiringly: "What is it ?". Jessica smiled with a cute, asking smile. She proposed to go to a birthday party of her friend together. She said that her husband would stay with the children at home, so that they could be enjoying to be together in public again. "But first", she said. "We need a change". Angelina began to feel pushed and uncomfortable. "Do we ?", she asked in a strict voice. Jessica laughed innocently. She confessed that she needed a change and wanted her sister to help her to find more courage to be more comfortable about it. Jessica Alba confessed to Angelina that she wanted to share the powerful feeling of renewal with her. She promised that it will connect them closer together.

Unknowing what to expect, Angelina asked about the type of change that her cheeky sister wanted. Jessica remained silent for a minute, until she found courage to say: "Let's get new, short haircuts for successful women."

Surprised Angelina Jolie stood up. "You are asking too much !", she said. Her voice became slightly angry and lost, because she loved her brunette, medium length layered haircut and wanted to keep it, until it would grow long again. Smiling Jessica Alba tried to calm her sister down. She explained that she had mystical visions in her dream abut herself and Angelina. Both of them had beautiful, short haircuts for blond women in her dream. She explained that it would look good on them. She promised to go shopping together after the change and get natural hairstyling products for short haircuts and styles. Angelina remained unconvinced. Desperate Jessica promised to invite Angelina to a lunch and to buy her a new evening dress.

Wise Angelina Jolie finally understood that her sister Jessica desperately needed a change to stay mentally healthy. She realized that she needed to give up herself to make her sister happy. She asked in a soft voice: "Will it look great on us ?". "Yes, Yes, Yes !", said Jessica. She promised that they would become different, beautiful and magic, because they would feel more professional, strong and independent.

Angelina Jolie smiled at her sister with a playful excitement. She agreed to have the exact same, short haircut for celebrities as her sister. She agreed to go to the birthday party with her, because she loved her company and wanted to feel closer to her. "Fantastic Joy !", exclaimed Jessica. She kissed and hugged her sister with tears. From that day, the feelings of love and warmth were flowing stronger between them.
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