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Short Hairstyles Help Angelina Jolie

The spring began to bloom and everyone was thinking about picnics with friends and family. The streets were filled with happy couples, young and old. All life was busy looking for someone special and unique. The wind was warm and in some places it was raining yellow flower blossoms. The spirit of the season was influenced by the mild weather, the fragrant flowers and a warm temperature. Lovers loved this time of the year, when everyone was joyfully relaxed and lived to celebrate life on every day. Inside of her office room, after a long day of working, Angelina Jolie was like every loving mother looking forward to be home for spending time with her playful children.

On her way back home, Angelina could not help but notice, how beautifully everyone had decorated their homes with flowers and was enjoying the spirit of the fresh spring. A very pleasant thought sparkled in her mind and she could not wait to realize it. For quite some time now, she was planning for a special spring break party for her children. She was hoping to connect all of them in her house and make it special for her best family friends.

Angelina dreamed that the party would be like a fairytale and everyone would be dressed up as characters from the dreams of little children. She loved every moment of this imagination and she knew which characters each of her children would choose, while she herself wanted to dress up like an elegant snow queen. She quickly made a few phone calls and arranged for costumes, make up and party decorations.

Once at home, all six children were happy with the idea of a fairytale party during the fresh spring. Maddox wanted to dress up like Captain Hook from Peter Pan, Pax Thien wanted to be Pinocchio, Zahara was excited about dressing like the Mermaid Ariel, Shiloh loved to be Rapunzel, Knox and Vivienne would be Hansel and Gretel. All had chosen their dream characters and Angelina Jolie was going to play the Snow White Queen of England. As a child, Angelina Jolie admired the character of the Snow Queen and wanted to dress up like her. After many years, now she had found an opportunity to do it in public, when her kids were having a wonderful time getting into the characters that each one of them had chosen.

Angelina wanted to invite many of her best friends with children and some of their best friends too. She quickly organized a guest list and everyone was excited about the creative fairytale party.

The costumes were delivered soon and the decoration team called to say that they too would come soon with all of their fluffy magic. However, there was still one important thing to do. Angelina's favorite hairstylist was on vacation and she could not find a replacement in a short time. Despite several phone calls and asking of her friends, Angelina could not find help. She decided to go ahead and discover a solution herself.

After thinking deeper, Angelina Jolie looked into her favorite crystal ball from the magic shop of wonders. She needed help with her wavy hair. The mind was flooded with ideas and several wonderful options for the beautiful, short hair styles that would give her the classic Snow Queen look. Some of the long, easy hairstyles were so exotic that Angelina was tempted to pick one of the short, new hairstyles for women and go for a totally new look. Once she started, she could not stop herself from going through various cute pictures of the short hair styles for intelligent women.

From the available options of the short hairstyles for women hair, Angelina chose a very elegant and attractive hairstyle that suited her as well as one that went with the character of the Snow Queen. The hair was spontaneously cut on the same day, in a random beauty salon that she never visited before.

Angelina looked into her round mirror. She felt fresh and happy again. She wanted to share her joy with friends and their children. She invited all of her closest friends with children to come to her magic party and try to imagine new hairstyles for various fairytale characters. Some were extremely happy to be invited. Others were excited and some could not attend, because they had other things to do.

The magic fairytale party began.

One by one the friends with children arrived and everyone was looking at the transparent glass ball from the fantastic shop. The ball was used to read the thoughts of the own mind. People looked inside the magic crystal ball to see what it would show to them. It was full of random shapes and colors that formed into pictures of short, new hairstyles for women. They were just imaginations, because the minds of the people were already inspired, influenced and impressed by the new, short hairstyle that helped Angelina to feel fresh and happy again.

As everyone gathered and started to communicate, they realized that they all had similar ideas and visions before. Just like Angelina Jolie, they too had dreamed of dressing up in costumes of fairytale characters from their childhood. The guests were extremely happy to have an opportunity for dressing up in funny costumes without feeling embarrassment. Susan, the children?s nanny always wanted to try something different, but was very shy and Angelina could sense this. She made a special attempt to help her out and suggested curly hairstyles for short hair of blond women. Susan chose a very stylish and trendy style that gave her face a totally new look. She felt on top of the world and more confident with herself.

One by one, each and every female guest started to share their dreams about having new and different, short hairstyles. Male and female guests formed little, separate groups. The female groups were busy going through the colorful pictures of short hairstyles for women's hair. The male groups were talking about wood colors and construction methods. They helped each other by giving suggestions and sharing experiences. The guests were thankful to be together. The spirit of the fresh spring was at its highest and Angelina Jolie with her husband were like magic fairies, helping out to make people's dreams to come true.

Looking at the excitement of adults, the children too wanted to imagine new hairstyles that suited their costumes and characters. Everyone was curious to discover how short hairstyles for round faces would change the classic fairytale characters. Zahara?s friend Maya wanted to dress up like Cinderella. She imagined how the layered, short hairstyles for girls would look on Cinderella. She kept choosing one that would suit herself at best, so that finally her version of Cinderella became an amazing woman with a childish style of Maya herself.

Angelina's female friend, named Bella Swan, imagined herself in colorful pictures of beautiful women's short hairstyles for weddings. She imagined how she would be marrying the beast from the tale of ?The Beauty and the Beast?. She explained in a shy voice, that as a child she imagined that she would marry the beast, when it would turn into a beautiful prince, just when it was the right moment for her to compete with the other bride.

The fathers, the children and their moms were all set for the grand day with each and every one of them took great pleasure in getting dressed up in their costumes; putting on the mineral make up and of course with various new and cute, short hairstyles for women, they all looked like playful children. Soon the biggest party room was opened and all the children accompanied with their moms were looking beautiful, satisfied, peaceful and joyful.

Angelina Jolie?s home was transformed into a spontaneous fairytale theater. Angelina felt complete and protected by her cute, new, short hairstyle of the Snow White Queen of England. Maya was a happy looking Cinderella with a layered, short hairstyle. Almost all of the guests were wearing colorful costumes. The room was full with men and women pretending to be a Mermaid Ariel, a Chinese Mulan Fighter, a Shiva Goddesses and a Princess Leia. Each of the mothers with children looked as cute and content as a happy white kitten in the sunlight, just as fresh and cheerful as the season that they were celebrating. It helped Angelina to spread joy and happiness among her beloved family and friends.
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