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Short Haircuts Help Jessica Alba

Elegant Jessica Alba and her younger sister Marie kissed each other, after meeting in the secret privacy of their family garden, where they hoped to exchange secret stories of their personal adventures. Jessica Alba had recently attended a birthday party where friendly women talked about the spiritual growth of their soul and personality. One particular statement stayed in her mind. She repeated the phrase to herself. ?Change is the only constant in life?. She felt that brave women should welcome personal change. The idea motivated her to do something different. Jessica felt that she discovered a hidden message for herself. She decided to do something special and unusual for her sister Marie and herself. Something magical that would change both of their immortal souls. She concluded, that the first step in the direction of change, was to make an attempt to experiment with new haircuts which would make Marie and herself look more beautiful in the eyes of the talented women around them. She imagined how she would feel on top of the world and above her own past. She hoped to create an inspiring example with her new style, that she did not discover yet.

Marie started a battle of words. She was not convinced about getting new and trendy haircuts for funky girls. She wanted to check out various cute celebrity haircuts on the Internet before making a decision. She performed a quick visual scan with her eyes for the cute celebrity haircuts. The longing for the new resulted in several colorful pictures of short haircuts for women's hair with curly waves. Both, Jessica and Marie could not contain their excitement. Jessica Alba wanted to have them immediately. It was almost like a contagious infection. However both haircuts were for the medium length hair of curly women. They were neither too long, nor too short. Marie decided to look out for alternative options of cute, short haircuts and styles for women with passion for fashion. She convinced Jessica to wait. So that they both could change their look at the same time. She promised that it would lift their spirits and soothe their souls.

The girly mood in the green garden became unpredictable. Jessica wanted something punky, cool, and funky, so that she could spend an evening with her popular girl's band that she wanted to sing karaoke with. But her conservative side hesitated, because she wasn?t sure if it was an appropriate behavior for a mother of her status. However, after going through the virtual gallery within the mind, her confidence levels were lifted and she went on to choose from the several options of the layered, short haircuts for girls. Jessica felt the beginning of her personal transformation that a new and trendy haircut would bring to her. She imagined herself with a beautiful and funky haircut for girls. Marie sensed that her sister was having a pleasurable thought. She wanted to ask, but felt too ashamed, because she thought that this pleasurable thought would be too strong for her emotions to be known.

Being the creative among the two sisters, Jessica asked Marie to sit on her lap and watch. Both sisters sat hugging each other. Jessica presented several examples of short haircuts for round faces, because Marie?s cute face was more round and symmetrical. It was a challenge to make a specific choice, because the appearance is one of the most important things for a young woman. Marie leaned her head on the shoulder of her sister. She asked Jessica to make the decision for her, because her head could not work properly anymore. Endless minutes passed, the helpful Jessica was clicking through websites. She watched, smiled, laughed out loud and blushed from time to time. The pictures of the haircuts for short hair that she discovered were too dangerous to share with anybody. After hours of intense search, Jessica Alba exclaimed that Mari's next style needed to be layered, short, and trendy, but it was impossible to discover, because her sister had an unusually beautiful face that is not easy to decorate.

The golden copper bell on the door to the secret garden rang. Marie?s girlfriend Sandy came for a visit and wanted to join the sisters after she understood what they were doing. Sandy expressed that she too had similar ideas in her soul. She felt the need for something different for her hair. The 3 happy women began to think about short, new haircuts for women together. Sandy wanted an elegant, but modern haircut which would make her natural thin, blonde hair to look more attractive and well groomed. Marie started to show the pictures on the computer screen, until Sandy realized that she could not make up her mind either. This was because there were too many cute, short haircuts for women and each new haircut seemed to be better than the other. Looking at their helplessness, Jessica proposed to help her sister Marie and her girlfriend Sandy and put an end to their dilemma before they give up. It was easy for Jessica, she felt less responsible and more relaxed to choose, because it was not for herself. She glanced at the colorful pictures of short haircuts for women's hair on the laptop screen. Swiftly waving her hands, she picked a short and trendy haircut. She explained that her very famous friend had the same elegant hairstyle that would convert Sandy into an adorable woman. Sandy blushed in excitement.

Marie agreed to Jessica's choice and said that It is funny how the fashion-obsessed women paint their faces with make-up, because they want to appear red-faced, young or excited. But when it comes from emotions, they want to disappear from everybody's vision.

Soon after the final agreement, all three female friends took Jessica Alba's computer tablet with the three colorful pictures of short hair cuts and drove to the nearest beauty salon of, where a male stylist was surprised by their unusual choices. He nodded and smiled without showing any contradiction. He agreed, despite his own contradicting preferences, because it was more convenient for his profession of the fine art of styling the women who think pretty of themselves. Marie and Sandy were hesitating to be first, so that Jessica Alba had to go forward and be brave. She sat down into the soft, creamy chair and closed her eyes. When the stylist was pleased with the result, all three female friends were cheering the male hairdresser for his talented hands. The short, layered haircut converted Jessica into a rebellious, young teenager with a cute face of a blushed girl.

The positive test on her sister helped Marie to feel more confident. She pushed her friend Sandy away and sat down into the soft, creamy chair. The male stylist closed his eyes and tried to relax. The excitement of Marie was making her face to become more rounder. She could not wait to get her new, short haircut. She moved her head from side to side, so that the helpless stylist made unnecessary mistakes, that he had to correct without any complaints. It ended up being too short, but elegant at the same time. Jessica could not help but stare at her sister, who looked like a fashion model with the old, cute haircut from the Roman civilization.

Sandy felt extremely lucky to be in the right place with her friends. She slipped into the soft, creamy chair and sat with her lips closed. She froze like an ice cream, because she was afraid to do something wrong. The now tired stylist worked slower. The magic of his hands converted Sandy's thin, blonde hair into a smooth shape of elegance. The smiles of Jessica and Marie confirmed the joy of Sandy when she stood up from the creamy chair. Her new elegance was compared to a Greek goddess of beauty, when the tired stylist helplessly went for a rest on the creamy chair himself.

Minutes of laughter passed. The 3 happy girlfriends were transformed by the short haircuts for beautiful women. Their spirit and confidence floated on the clouds of joy. Smiling Sandy offered to visit her favorite restaurant for drinking fermented tea as a celebration of their new styles. Marie agreed while Jessica was talking to her phone. The unexpected news had come as a surprising present. Hopping around Jessica seemed to be very happy about the news that her phone transferred to her. She explained that the popular girls band offered her to celebrate a wedding with them. They offered to meet for forbidden karaoke on the weekend. Jessica jumped with joy, she felt that she was floating on a soft silk of bliss and a voice inside her told to stay positive and do good things that will help her to find new energy and inspiration in life. She felt that something was guiding her towards personal happiness. She understood that her thoughts, words and actions led her to the professional hairstylist who improved her life with a magic of cute, short haircuts for women. She felt that this simple change would make a huge difference in her life.

Her mind opened up. The flowers appeared to be more colorful and the voices of the birds became more clear to Jessica Alba. The realized that nature is beautiful and all it?s good women were from a divine creation of a feminine goddess that was nature herself. Jessica understood that every mother in her life was a person of divine beauty that was hidden behind adornment, elegant dresses, cute haircuts and natural styling techniques that were celebrating the spirit of a natural woman. Jessica Alba, her sister Marie and the closest friend Sandy understood that it was a first step on the road of happiness for them. They understood that it came from within and that the universe was waiting for their call for a long time.

This short story was written by for in 2012.
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