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Childish Toys for Brave Women

Short story by Moris Garon for This story was censored on Google's request, after being public for 3 years.

Somewhere behind the red clouds of India lived a young Indian man with passion for disposable diapers, twisted humor jokes and technological novelties of childish services.

His male Indian name was Haresh. He was not searching for Russian brides, a beautiful Latin wife or any black women with Japanese accent. No ! Haresh was just a friendly web hosting operator for websites with web content for childish personals, natural women, Christian singles and people who trust a childish friend with a classic image gallery.

One night as stars above seemed to be uncountable, Haresh looked closely at his fresh lovely lady pictures and childish movies that were ready to be sold online. A wonderful idea flashed into the mind of Haresh. He thought that it would be excellent to surprise his beautiful girlfriend with unique birthday gifts that beautiful women never expect.

First on the visit list for search of the surprising gift was a convenient online wholesale store for childish toys where many cute women seeking some beautiful action films with movie stars for friendly women who can not be seen in a man oriented movie rental service.

Haresh knew nothing about childish entertainment for female women. Foolish, innocent and inexperienced Haresh was trying to find a fluffy bunny toy for his long time girlfriend between childish toys for beautiful women with long hair style of Mister Sedu or Jennifer Aniston. Too bad for Haresh that he could not find anything that could meet the anticipated requirements of a cute Asian woman.

Annoyed Haresh turned on the plasma TV to be stunned by the very big women wrestling show scene where three tall Brazilian girls surrounded a strong, big single woman in a pajama and a pink bikini. The bizarrely dressed up wrestling girls, that have never attended education schools for learning of manners, reminded Haresh on the fact that Asian women love to wear anime costumes in style of the Sailor Moon. That falsified fact was read by him in a gossip magazine with childish stories for older women who place ads for suspicious contacts to attract men and body builder athletes into fitness clubs.

The only one night shop that sold super hero anime costumes was a shiny educational store for moms with children. Unfortunately all super hero anime costumes were available only in small sizes for children and teens.

Haresh came to a miserable condition of mind where people start play free childish games for single women that love to travel to Europe, shop in an American online movie store and squirting milk drops after a visit to childish websites like's sister

Long hours after playing with flickering pictures of comics and childish cartoons of the flash games, Haresh remembered that his girlfriend said on the first date that "some Asian females love to wear exotic jewelry that they never buy personally".

Lucky Haresh was ready to buy fine Celtic silver jewelry with Irish symbols for his beloved girlfriend, future wife and beautiful soul mate.

On the day of the happy birthday song, Haresh gave the jewelry gift to his female friend. She enjoyed it for about 5 years. Lost it, found it, sold it.

Haresh became married, his wife became pregnant, together they wrote a book with a title "A diary of a growing baby", which is available in any self respected online book store.
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Female Woman with shiny white teeth is looking for photo editing .
Use for Free under creative commons licence.
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