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Short Haircuts Surprise Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba and her daughter walked through the airport doors as the chilling, winter wind hits their faces. It was going to be a long week while Jessica?s husband was off shooting a film in the beautiful island of Bali. Her daughter was feeling extremely down as she already missed her father. Jessica started thinking of ways to cheer both of them up. Once they returned home and checked the mail there was a letter with colorful pictures of short haircuts for women?s hair.

Jessica Alba couldn?t wait one moment, as she knew exactly what she and her daughter needed to cheer them up for giving them a boost. They needed cute, short haircuts and styles for women. She grabbed her cell phone form her bag and called her salon immediately. The salon answered and Jessica?s stylist was put on the phone right away. She exclaimed to the stylist, ?My daughter and I need something new and fresh. We need beautiful, short haircuts.? The hairstylist answered with excitement and told Jessica to come in immediately.

The excited girls drove out of the garage. They were on their way to get short haircuts for women?s hair. On the drive to the salon, Jessica Alba spoke to her daughter about what style of short haircut she had in mind. She asked, ?Do you want a trendy, stylish cut or a young, natural look?? Her daughter explained she wanted a punky, choppy hairstyle to make her look older and hip. Jessica explained that at her age it isn?t exactly appropriate to try to look older, she recommended that she stayed with a young, simple cut, maybe with a few layers that would be classic but trendy at the same time. Her daughter was reluctant but knew her mother would force her and that her father would love to see a new layered, short haircut for girls.

The beauty salon anticipated Jessica and her daughter?s arrival. The girls all bundled up in their winter coats run from the car to the doors of the salon. Once inside, Jessica?s hairstylist, sat her down in the creamy chair of joy to discuss how to cut her beautiful, brown hair. They discussed short haircuts for round faces, to come up with the perfect style for Jessica?s squarish face shape. Jessica Alba looked over at her daughter and made sure the stylists that was cutting her hair was having a good consultation with her on what she needed. She asked her daughter?s stylist if she planned on cutting her hair into a cute, short haircut for women with round faces, making sure it would be a stylish, young look.

The time came for Jessica to look into the mirror at the final look, she was still unsure how a short hairstyle would look on her. ?Wow,? she said. She couldn?t believe how amazing the short, new haircut for women looked. It was the perfect surprise for her husband's return from his exotic vacation. Her daughter?s haircut was almost finished, she asked her mom to come over and see the her look. The stylist turned her chair around to let Jessica?s daughter see her new simple but stylish short haircut. ?Perfect,? Jessica exclaimed to her daughter, ?You look beautiful.?

Jessica Alba and her daughter left the salon with their fresh, cute celebrity haircuts. They felt like a million cute flowers. Their next stop was a boutique for some cute, stylish clothes to compliment their latest hairstyles. While shopping the girls got a phone call from Jessica?s husband. He asked how their time together was going and Jessica?s daughter said, ?Daddy, mom and I got have a surprise to show you. We both got short haircuts.? Her father was so happy for Jessica and their daughter, that they were able to do something interesting together. Having special time with just two of them. ?It was the best thing that has ever happened Dad. I love my short haircut so much, it looks just like moms,? said their daughter.

Jessica and her daughter started to wait until he would come home. They were so excited for Daddy to see their new haircuts for short hair. Jessica felt beautiful with her new, stylish hairstyle and she felt even better at how inspired her daughter was about her fresh, layered hairstyle. It was beautiful for Jessica to see how one single event of a surprising hairstyle could improve their family.
jessica-alba-with-short-haircuts.jpg angelina-jolie-very-short-hairstyles.jpg beautiful-jessica-alba-short-haircuts.jpg jessica-alba-short-haircut.jpg angelina-jolie-short-hair-style.jpg
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