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Angelina Jolie Discovers Short Hairstyles

A beautiful voice filled the air. It was an announcement to all passengers of the Flight JL7015. ?Please fasten your seat belts as we will be flying shortly.?

Angelina Jolie was traveling to Tokyo for work and she persuaded her big family to travel with her, so that the family could spend more happy time together. Angelina sunk into her seat after adjusting the seat belts of her youngest children. The plane took off and everyone on board fell into a deep slumber. However, Angelina found it difficult to fall asleep, because of the loud noise from the plasma stream of the engine. In effort to overcome her boredom, she took out the contract from her red bag. She skimmed through the first few pages, understanding that the film was about a young, modern woman and her struggle to fit in to the conservative culture of Japan. As she flipped through the entire contract, she was surprised to find a segment that dictated that she had to wear one of the layered, short hairstyles for girls from Asia. Her jaw lowered down as she turned to look at her family, hoping someone would comfort her, only to find them all sleeping. She fidgeted in discomfort, because she had never worn her hair short, although many people did advise her to do so, beacause of her round face. Angelina grew more and more restless as she conjured images of her in different short hairstyles for women's hair.

After long hours, finally the family landed in Tokyo. Angelina Jolie anxiously reported to her family about her discovery on the plane. Her family was surprised. They comforted her with smiles. A tall, dark and mostly handsome man greeted them as they exited the airport. He ushered them into a big, yellow taxi and drove them to the private hotel where they were staying. Upon arriving, Angelina Jolie and her family were welcomed by a group of other actors, who were all very eager to discuss work in greater detail. Angelina Jolie signaled to her family to proceed upstairs, while she found a warm seat in the lobby. She was shown samples with colorful pictures of short hairstyles for women's hair. Her round face became upset. She finally expressed her concern over the strict styling requirements. The actors explained to her that the beautiful, short hair styles were necessary for the movie, because it helped to support the modern and funky character that she had to play. The loud group turned to a page which read ?hairstyles of short hair of beautiful women?. Inside was a full body and face structure analysis conducted for Angelina Jolie. It was supposed to encourage her to adopt short hair.

Eventually, Angelina realized that she had no choice and no arguments left. She escaped to her private hotel room.

On the next day, the family followed Angelina Jolie to work near the hotel. She separated from her family, when the Japanese hairdressers came after her with big ceramic scissors. Again, she expressed her disagreement about short hair cuts ,while gesturing wildly at the cute pictures of short hair styles given to the stylists for reference. The stylists took a brief moment to explain to her that short hairstyles for round faces are popular this season. That they are very suitable for her round face type. Angelina Jolie was still unconvinced, but before she could say another word, her stylists were already snipping the ends of her long, wavy hair.

After her haircut, Angelina Jolie looked at herself in the mirror. She had a long fringe on the side of her forehead and cute, little curls that hung loosely underneath her ears. She slipped into her costume and was then guided to her next scene where a traditional Japanese wedding was to be played. Angelina had to play a role as one of the bridesmaids. She was surrounded by beautiful Japanese women with short hairstyles for weddings. The directors noticed her discomfort immediately. They have worked with Angelina Jolie before, but it was the first time they had seen her so distracted. They worried that she would not be able to play her important role.

Angelina was stiff in her movements and became very shy in her speech. Even with her family watching from outside of the stage, her nerves were uncontrollable. Soon, she began to feel frustrated at herself and requested to take a short break. Her family followed her into the preparation room and showered her with words of encouragement. Her children said: ?Cute, short hairstyles for women with round faces look nice on you momy?. They comforted her that a short hairstyle may have changed the way she looked, but it certainly did not change the person she was. Angelina laughed, feeling less embarrassed about the way she had handled the situation. Shortly after it, she was back on stage and ready to impress the entire team. She demonstrated clean professionalism and her meltdown episode was soon forgotten.

Angelina Jolie became exhausted after work. She was looking forward to spending the rest of the evening with her family. They walked into the bright streets of Tokyo, marveling at the flashing LED lights and enjoying the Asian street food along the way. She found herself glancing occasionally at the shop windows where she caught sight of her reflection. It reminded her of the short, edgy hair on her tired head. However, her family seemed to have already forgotten about the incident that happened on stage. She was comforted by this. She realized that the short, new hairtsyles for women with curls helped her to be a better actress. She smiled at herself, feeling content with her new style. She made a promise that a simple haircut would never again determine her confidence about her beauty.
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