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Short Haircuts improve Jessica Alba

Happy Jessica Alba opened up a soft garden chair on the green lawn and watched her husband play with their happy daughter Marie. He tossed her up into the air and tickled her armpits until she rolled on the soft grass with loud laughter. As the daughter lay in the garden, pleading her father for mercy, Jessica noticed her thick brown locks spread across the green color. It had been a long while, since the last time she had taken Honor Marie to the beauty salon. She searched in her memory for their last visit, remembering how much her daughter despised the hairdressers with big scissors. Jessica decided to act and persuade. It required a lot of patience and coaxing, but eventually her tantrums would tire and she gave in.

?Be reasonable, your long hair has already outgrown?: pestered Jessica Alba as she brushed her fingers through her daughter?s long, curly hair. Honor Marie scowled the face and shifted her green eyes away from the mother. Her phobia of the hairdressers remained strong. Mother Alba tenderly kissed her cheeks for comfort. It did not help. Jessica Alba was about to give up and conclude that she will have to have a long-haired Rapunzel as a daughter. Suddenly, a brilliant idea came to her mind. Jessica pulled Honor Marie closer to herself and whispered her beautiful idea in excitement. ?I promise to have a similar, short haircut after you?.

After hearing her mother?s suggestion, the eyes of the moody daughter lit up and she squealed in delight. She curtsied around until her mother made use of this unprecedented opportunity to get the car ready, so that they could drive to the beauty salon immediately.

Smiling Jessica fixed the buckle on her daughter?s seat belt, before landing a kiss on her forehead. Soon after it, they arrived in front of ?The Snip Avenue?. It was their favorite hairdresser salon. As they ambled through the big glass doors, Jessica noticed her daughter?s nerves dancing wild. Honor Marie folded her hands together tightly and stroked them in a continuous motion. Her head was low and the early enthusiasm was away.

They entered the beauty salon, where a combination of fresh smells greeted them friendly. Both moved their noses with joy as they took the seats by the counter. There was a transparent table decked with a myriad of magazines, many of which featured short, new haircuts for women with curls. To pass the time, Jessica Alba reached out to the top of the pile and began to look at the images. Inside were many colorful pictures of short haircuts for women?s hair. It was obvious that a special short hairstyle was very in trend. It suited the hot weather of the summer and almost every teenager had one.

Jessica Alba attempted to distract her daughter from the bad mood of the past. She swiftly opened a page that had layered, short haircuts for girls from Asia. She tried to argue. She tried to explain and pretend. Nothing helped. Honor Marie vehemently shook her head at any proposal and crossed her arms in disapproval. Her shy face turned red.

Tired Jessica Alba opened a random page in the magazine and pretended to read. She pretended to ignore her daughter. The contents of the magazine had beautiful examples of cute celebrity haircuts. Honor Marie started to become curious. She leaned over her mother?s shoulder and finally showed signs of interest. She sat perched beside her mother, as she went through the beautiful, short haircuts for elegant women with round cheeks. Innocent Jessica continued to read. She stumbled upon a page that had a complex analysis of different types of the face. She read aloud that women with round faces are encouraged to wear short trendy pixie cuts or even a funky bob of an elegant Brazilian model.

It was written that the short haircuts for round faces can help to accentuate the strong bone structure and help a round face to look less circular than it already is. Jessica Alba touched her face and used a mirror to outline the shape of her beautiful face. She glanced at her daughter and realized that her similar bone structure would also suit one of the latest short hairstyles for young women from Mexico. Jessica explained to her daughter the deep motivations for their visit to the hairdressers. Once again she reassured that she will get a similar, short hairstyle for brunette women. She said that they were not alone, but together.

Soon after, the waiting queue had already cleared and a middle-aged lady with brown hair came forward to usher the last clients to their seats. They stood up and expressed clear expectations for their desired hairstyles and used the handy picture examples of the cute, short haircuts for women with round faces. The verbal contract of understanding was sealed with nodding.

The hairy transformation of the head began. Honor Marie remained relatively speechless for much of the process. It required Jessica to sit near and get her hair cut too. She needed the occasional glimpse to assure that her mother was keeping the promise.

After an hour, both happy women were wearing one of the most popular haircuts for short hair. They gazed at each other in silence and admiration. Jessica Alba stared back to the mirror and twirled the ends of her bob in a circular motion. It felt smoother. She noticed that her jaw and the ears were no longer hidden behind the messy brunette mop. She smiled in a feeling of being content. Honor Marie was already spinning in the big hairdressing chair. She chanted something about funky short haircuts for women?s hair and celebrated that she had once again conquered her phobia. The silent salon burst out into giggles as they watched a happy mother and her smiling daughter enjoying their feminine beauty of a simple haircut for easy styling.

On their way home. Jessica stopped at an organic supermarket of to buy sticky washing mud for her husband's sensitive skin and a ball of vanilla ice cream in a soft bun for herself.

The smiling companions returned home with an easy heart and light feet that seemed to walk softer now. The cheerful daughter became playful again. She persuaded her mother to dance on the green grass of their private cherry garden. She stretched herself across the green lawn and patted on the soft grass. It was a silent signal for her mother to lie next to her. Jessica Alba grinned in satisfaction. She realized that she had successfully helped her daughter to overcome her fears of hairdressers and beauty salons with big ceramic scissors. They were both improved by cute, short haircuts and styles for women. It was a strong demonstration of personal growth for her family.
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