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Jessica Alba with Short Haircuts

Inside of her beautiful home, the now tired Jessica Alba looked out of the window as she helped her little baby to fall asleep. Red and yellow clouds painted the sky with a warm colors of hope.

The day had been perfect. Jessica and her little daughter had spent the morning in the shopping boutiques for the trendy women's dresses. They ate at their favorite Mexican restaurant. Then they enjoyed the late afternoon with the grandmother. The schizophrenic grandmother mentioned to Jessica that she had seen green people with cute, short haircuts and styles for women in a bizarre dream that she had been dreaming for a week. Jessica Alba asked her mother to stay calm, because the dream was probably caused by the strong medication that she has been taking for a month. Jessica joked that she would try the new, layered short haircuts for girls, if it was the secret desire of her ill grandmother. The serious grandmother said yes. Jessica was surprised and angry. She could not disagree now, because it would make her sensitive mother upset, ill and weak. She could not risk with the health of her mother. The agreement was made. Jessica went out to her favorite beauty salon to make her heavy promise to become reality.

The wavy long hair was cut into a beautiful, short hairstyle for mothers. Leaving the salon, Jessica felt heavy in the heart and void in her mind. The little daughter Marie was happy with her mother's cropped, chunky new style and told Jessica Alba that the spiky look was perfect for her.

The long day came to an end. The daughter fell asleep. Jessica gazed at her sleeping daughter, then she gently tucked her into the silky, pink bed. Looking at the clock on the small wooden table, she realized that she needed to prepare for a forgotten visit. Two of Jessica's closest female friends were invited for talking about their secret affair with a young doctor.

Jessica ran swiftly down the red carpet on the wooden stairs. She saw a glimpse of herself in a round mirror and smiled with joy. She loved to be part of the new fashion for the cute, short haircuts for women. It was a good topic that she hoped to discuss with her female friends. She ran her fingers through the short, sassy layers of colored hair.

In the kitchen, Jessica polished three elegant cocktail glasses and filled them with crushed ice for the small cocktail cherries. She cooled down five bottles of red champagne that she bought in France a few years ago. She prepared the latest beauty magazines for her friends to read. She mashed and spiced her famous guacamole for happy women and placed the food with champagne on the wooden table outside of the house, where her potted ferns and palm trees swayed gently in the breeze of the warm evening. The colors of the sky began to match the sweet oranges that grew along the edges of the well managed garden.

The doorbell rang. The two female friends came in.

Lucy, a gorgeous Asian woman with long, straight, black hair, a petite body and a round face hugged Jessica tightly. Tessa, the second cute friend put her long arms around both of them. The women walked through Jessica's house out to the open terrace. Their happy voiced filled the mild air with chatty talking and honest laughing. Both of her friends commented that Jessica had one of the best, short haircuts for women and that this latest look was perfect for her. Jessica smiled and ruffled her trendy waves. She was proudly showing her friends how simple, healthy and young her new look was. Jessica told them about her mother's dream of the green people and their beautiful hairstyles for aliens. The loving friends sat down in laughs. She poured each of them a glass of the red champagne and toasted to the beautiful magic of cute haircuts for short hair. Tessa slowly sipped her champagne as she looked through the fashion magazines that Jessica placed on the round table. On the cover of the small magazine for girls, Tessa discovered an unusual, male face. It reminded her about a man that Lucy was yearning to kiss.

Beautiful Jessica Alba noticed that Lucy had a distant look on her face. She asked if something was wrong. Lucy sighed and confessed that she had a secret desire for her cute neighbor. He was an attractive young doctor with short, brown locks and a muscular body of an athlete. Lucy couldn't find the courage to talk to him. She felt to be too old for him. Tessa confessed that she too had a secret desire for the newest member of her cycling group. He was an edgy, mysterious man with masculinity and youth in his trained body.

Passionate Jessica Alba listened to her sweating friends. She suddenly had a wonderful idea how she could help them to become younger fast. She encouraged her friends to keep looking through the magazines for short haircuts for women's hair and excused herself for a toilet break. Once inside the house, Jessica called her personal stylist and asked him to come as fast as he could. On her way back to the terrace, Jessica drank another bottle of the expensive, red champagne. The friends continued to chat about the colorful pictures of short haircuts for women's hair, when the soft doorbell sound surprised their ears. Jessica smiled mysteriously and went to open the door. She returned with her cute stylist in one hand and a box of natural beauty supplies in the other.

Lucy and Tessa looked at each other, because the sweet sweat of expectation broke out onto their faces. They knew what was going to happen. They felt that it would be officially prohibited and personally legal at the same time. Both prepared for the private session of an intensive beauty treatment. Lucy chose one of the cute, short haircuts for women with round faces, while Tessa chose one of the most beautiful, short haircuts which would improve her shiny curls. As the stylist began to relax their shoulders, Jessica Alba felt the warmth of friendship and the happiness which comes from sharing experiences with others. As the sweating sun settled, the scent of orange blossoms and lavender filled the air with herbal pheromones. The moon came out to shine the silvery light on the three happy faces of satisfied friends. They felt beautiful and revived by their new, short haircuts for women's hair.

Relaxed Jessica Alba hoped that tomorrow her friends would feel newly refreshed, elegant and confident enough to attract young lovers for themselves. Lucy admitted that the short haircuts for round faces was a good boost of courage that she needed for asking her attractive neighbor to play classic computer games with her. The smiling Tessa couldn't stop shining and playing with her new, stylish head.

The two female friends hugged each-other and went away. Jessica Alba locked the door behind them with a moody smile. In the next moment there was a rhythmic knocking at the door. She recognized the pattern immediately. The sweet sweat of expectation came out on her happy face. She opened the door. It was her beautiful husband, who returned from his business trip too early. He swept her into his arms and kissed her lower lip until she could not hold out the passion any longer.

He moved his hands up her neck and through her new, short hair. He told her that the new style was beautiful and that he was happy to be her husband. Smiling Jessica and her husband went upstairs to the bed. In the night, while the tired husband was sleeping, the satisfied Jessica Alba thought about how the new, short haircut improved her life. She became a better friend, a better mother and a desired wife. Those happy thoughts were very relaxing and comforting for her. She smiled herself to sleep.
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