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Eminem mp3 music lyrics Rapper

Short story by Ramar Wolfenstein for

Hallo my name is Stan Lee. I am a bathroom fan club member.
I play electric guitar in a wedding band. The name of my band is "Fatboy Slim Shady". We try to sing new Eminem lyrics with a little help of DVD karaoke machines. It is not easy to be the way I am. Wake up in a middle of the night just for cleaning out my closet organizer.

Love song lyrics writing
I had a part time job at the Eva Green day care services, that was a nice place to write a translation of canciones de Eminem, which was more fun than making a 50 Cent music bootleg or to sing the love song lyrics of Eminem's when i'm gone song.

My part time job contract was almost expired as I received a special
conference call from a Hip Hop Dance Club and Rap music producer with a professional sounding name of Med. vet. Prof. Dr. Dre, who was calling on his new business Voip mobile broadband phone that included Conference Call Services, which helped to connect me Stan Lee my girlfriend Emine Erdogan and Dr. Dre himself.

Med. vet. Prof. Dr. Dre said my dog had severe tooth decay and needed an
expensive face lifting operation or an extra special poster art.
Me and Emine were stunned !

Emine said
Just lose it like toy soldiers that play mosh without fun and a mockingbird plays a role model of a guilty conscience of the real slim shady or lose yourself in a designer interior space like's trash can at

I said ok, without to understand completely what Emine said.

Eminem poster art
The true meaning of Emine's words was that we had to download all new Eminem pictures from a stock picture dealer for making a do it yourself poster print. For the luck of me and Emine there was a free photo software Gimp that helped us to edit digital camera photos for the large 2pac vs. 50 cent vs. Eminem poster print in an online digital photo developing service.

After the work was done.
Our finished poster art looked like a original Eminem CD cover or dark black and white pictures from Eminem's 8 mile movie. The feeling was like receiving a prepaid gift card on your birthday for buying sub cultural products like a new digital mp3 player from Sony, Eminem concert tickets, a lot of love songs from a legal music download service or just for loading your mobile phone with massive download of free ringtones.

In other words it was like to download Eminem mp3 music lyrics to check out the spelling, grammar and to translate ?min?m's new Rap music lyrics into fresh warm love song lyrics.

Our snoop dog was saved
Emine and me Stan Lee were not finished at all.
We decided to write a biography on a desktop wallpaper, fill an photo album with wedding pictures of our snoop dog, write a new song for Superman returns movie or to blend a special milk shake that could make teen brains prepared, relaxed and easy for isotonic consumption of a new Eminem video broadcast.

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Female Woman with shiny white teeth is looking for photo editing .
Use for Free under creative commons licence.
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